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Full Version: What are some of the biggest fights that you've never seen?
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With the passing of Alexis Arguello today, I started thinking about the entire generation or two that never got to see him fight, never got to watch the war with Mancini, the classic with Pryor in 1982, and the rematch in 1983 that Pryor had in hand from start to finish. For that matter, think of all of the fans, or pseudo-fans, who never knew who Pryor and Arguello are, much less see them fight.

In that same vein, what big, important, classic fight (like Foreman-Frazier), or even cult classic hidden gem (like Ward-Augustus) have you never seen from start to finish? Maybe you should have seen it, want to see it, were supposed to see it but missed it, never had access to it, or just flat out don't want to watch it because you have a personal reason. Maybe you've seen the ending, or highlights, but you've never seen the entire fight. Whatever.

I thought this would make for an interesting topic. It's sad that there are so many fans who either read the news today and said, "I've heard the name", or were reminded again that they never saw the war with Pryor. I mean, think about how many people had no clue who Greg Page was when he passed a while back!

So, chime in, and share the fights you've never seen... and even you are still surprised about it!
The one I'll put out there, for me, personally, is Ali-Foreman. I just refuse to watch it. I was five years old when Foreman started his comeback, grew up watching this big, bald, fat black man beat the crap out of overmatched journeymen, and Gerry Cooney, with my dad, who had been a Foreman fan in the 1970s. Before long, I fell in love with the sport, read and watched everything I could get my hands on, and just went into boxing headlong. It didn't take me long to learn the history of the sport.

You can't avoid seeing footage of the end of Ali-Foreman. It's on at least 4 times a week on the ESPN family of networks. I hate it. I love Foreman and I just don't like Ali. I appreciate Ali and what he did in boxing, but I just have nothing for the man. Never have. Watching the Thrilla in Manila documentary from HBO, and going back and seeing things from his era really shine an all new light on him. I feel awful for him and what he deals with these days but some of the things he did were just way over the line. That said, he beat Foreman. He outsmarted Foreman. I've seen the last minute of the fight who knows how many times, of course, but I've never watched it from start to finish. I just have no desire whatsoever.

On a sidenote, people tend to forget that the Foreman-Young fight in 1977 was a title eliminator. If Foreman wins, he gets Ali in a rematch. Considering what condition Ali was in in 1977, less than a year before losing his title to Leon f'n Spinks, I absolutely believe Foreman, with Gil Clancy and Charlie Shipes in his corner, would have beaten Ali in that rematch. We all know how the story went on that night in Puerto Rico, though... and how it all ended up for Foreman in the end.

Still, I'm not watching it.
Tunney vs Dempsey 2 - The Long Count. I've seen the footage of the count, but I've never seen the fight leading up to that.

Tzsyu - Forrest (amateur world championship). I actually just watched this last night, and it's a pretty fun watch for KT fans. The only reason I included it on the list is because of the years that I've heard about it, but never watched it.
I've been collecting fights since the early 90's so i've been fortunate enough to own or have seen most of the fights i've wanted to see. But there are some that are either very difficult to get or to are not complete.

For example SSR fights from his welterweight days most of the footage i have is either HL or edited bouts. I've heard espn classic has some of his welterweight fights in there vault but will not part with them.

Also Pancho Villa fights i have footage of his fight with Wilde and few others but nothing complete. Im sure there's some lucky old bastards out there who has some of these fights tucked away in a basment or something.
i'd like to see some of salvador sanchez fights.. i only have one and its his thriller with azumah nelson who was a nobody at the time... he was a master fighter...
Jack 1000
Probably two of the biggest Middleweight title fights that no one has ever seen are Zale-Graziano I and II. These incredible wars, reminiscent of all the great two-sided fight wars that have talked about may never be seen, because, shockingly, THEY WERE NEVER FILMED!!!

The reason was during World War II and shortly thereafter many fights were created using "Silver Nitrate Film." This film was very expense to produce and maintain during the wartime era, so in many cases the ONLY big fights that were saved from about 1940-1945 were Joe Louis fights. If any of you collectors have other fights from that era, and even more rare that they are in their entity, HOLD ON TO THEM FOR DEAR LIFE!

Zale-Graziano III was filmed and in the trades/collectors market. The big prizes are coming up with complete versions of Zale-Graziano I and II. They were the Gatti-Ward I and II and Robinson-Gatti I and II for their time.


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