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Full Version: Eddie Chambers / Alexander Dimitrinko (SPOILERS BE HERE!)
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Byrd Man
So.......what do you guys think?

04.07.09 - "Fast" Eddie Chambers dominated and outclassed Alexander Dimitrenko over twelve rounds in Hamburg, Germany tonight. A left hook to the kidney made the Ukrainian turn his back and complain to the referee, who then rightfully ruled it a legal blow and started a standing eight count in the 7th. Chambers floored Dimitrenko in the 10th round for the second ruled knockdown of the fight. In round 12, Dimitrenko seemed out on his feet, but managed to somehow survive to the end. The judges scored the fight 113-113 (!!), 116-111, 117-109 in favor of Chambers, who is now the mandatory challenger for WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, and will likely get a chance against the 66 Klitschko sometime in early 2010.
The Original MrFactor
Wow, great!!! I've always said that Eddie Chambers is the best we got coming out of the US in the HW division. I dont think he beats either Klitschko, but he aint gonna go out like no punk. I think he'll at least try to tag the KLITs... Who knows... Those suckers are due to get caught by a lucky punch at some point...
Right on, great win for Chambers. You are the man. I'd love for him to get a rematch with Povetkin. With the great shape you came in, you definitely can avenge that loss. Great win tonight
Skillwise... Chambers might be the best in the division. But due to his size and his lack of "killer instinct" I don't think he can beat either of the Klits. I do think he's the best U.S contender though. I would favor him over Arreola.
No surprise, Dimitrenko simply cant compete with the top guys. But as much as I like Chambers he would be lost against Klitschko. Hes too slow on his feet and he relies too much on blocking some shots with his gloves. Wlad would destroy him. But except of the Klitschkos I think Chambers can make for some interesting and exciting fights. He didnt even carry a lot of fat around his waists this time!

113-113 may be the worst score Ive ever seen, though. I think I gave Dimitrenko 2 or 3 rounds and those were probably the closest ones of the fight.
113-113 Was awful. I have never seen anything like it. I gave Chambers 11 rounds.

How someone can find 7 rounds to give Alexander is beyond me.
Eddie looked good. He fought very smart, showed good defense. The only round I think Dimitrinko won was round 9 and maybe an early round. It was all Eddie. But he couldve finished Drago in the late rounds.
I think Wlad is going to bludgeon Chambers. Fast Eddie will be game and never stop trying, but he is going to catch a beating.
Eddie lacks the 1 thing needed to pose ANY kind of remote threat to Wlad.....power! The only reason Wlad gives a person any ounce of respect is if he thinks they MIGHT have the slightest possibility of hurting him...with Chambers....that element is not there and therefore any chances he has are slim and none IMHO.
I think what Chambers lacks even more his footspeed and aggressiveness. I dont see him getting to his range against Klitschko. Chambers is as slow as Chagaev on his feet.
chambers would have a better shot against vitali then wlad. in my opinion... vitali didnt look like the same fighter in his last fight...
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