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Full Version: Omar Chavez!
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Omar chavez 19years old 17 wins and 0 losses with 13 knockouts! The son of julio cesar chavez has anyone seen this kid fight?
I was reading that he fought this past weekend and knocked out his oppenent in the 4th round and sent him to to hospital and the kid died , man that sucks!
Anyone seen this fight ???
Yea, I've seen this dude fight. I saw him on a Latin Fury card in April 2008, and got his ass beat by some .500 fighter. They gave him the decision, but he didn't impress at all. I'm actually surprised he beat a dude from around here in Patrick Cape. So maybe he's improved in the last year, but honestly I think he's just built up hype. I mean look at the dudes he's facing. The last guy he faced (RIP), had a 4-4 record or something like that. He's being managed very carefully it seems, and I think the second he faces someone who has experience and a decent record he'll get beat.
Omar Chavez is pretty good too young to tell if he's gonna amoutn to any thing though. Real sad what happened to the kid he fought this can also effect Omar being so young and having to go through that.
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