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Full Version: New Floyd Mayweather Jr. Interview (Video Link Inside)
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much as im a fan of floyd....sometimes his interview games get a lil hostile when the right questions are asked lol.......
but i have to say he kept his cool throughout this one..and i can't wait until his reign on top again


he never fell off LOL.he's still on top fuck.gif
All the haters are going 2 be pissed when he kicks pacquiaos ass!
Mayweather's team needs to get him some public speaking lessons.

He always sounds like a complete idiot.
Hello everyone new here this is my first post but mayweather is very arrogant and cocky but I like him and I also think he's the best boxer right now and I think if he fight's manny I think he will win in a decision (unam)not taking away from manny because in my opinion he's 2nd p4p in boxing and I also am a little worried about mayweather having 2 years off but as long as he's training like normal I think he will be fine my opinion
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