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Full Version: this is for supporters of antonio margarito...
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the story of resto... i only bring this up because conventional wisdom for the mosely marg fight was that mosely didnt have a shot... sure some picked him to win but most felt he didnt have a chance.. he had just fought life and death with mayorga... how could he compete with margarito.. the guy that had just outgunned cotto?... well this story is why a 1 yr. suspension isnt enough... just my opinion... you can argue mosley went on to dominate him but the fight could easily have gone the other way and the wraps not have been identified... actually the travesty might have already been done in the cotto fight... who knows... he may never be the same fighter again.... the fans suffer for it... thank you cheater margarito...
lloyd mayflower
I just read that 2 minutes before coming on here, sad sad story and highlights the consequences of the actions of these cheating cunts. Just goes to show that its no exxageration when people say Marg could have destroyed Shane. I was unaware of this before but how the fuck is Panama Lewis stilll allowed near a boxer? Thats a disgrace.
King Eugene
What really surprised me is that not only is he still allowed around boxing but he was helping Zab with the Cotto fight. I wonder does he show up to any fights.
Yes, margarito is an asshole
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