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Full Version: Roger Mayweather Released, Lawsuit To Come
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BoxingScene spoke with Floyd Mayweather Sr., brother of trainer Roger Mayweather, who was arrested on Sunday for assaulting female fighter Melissa St. Vil. Floyd Sr was not in Las Vegas when incident went down but family members filled him in when he returned back home.

According to Floyd Sr., St. Vil was staying with Cornelius Lock [promoted by Mayweather Promotions and trained by Roger] in a condo owned by Roger Mayweather. Roger is the former trainer of St. Vil and the current trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr. I hear there was already pre-existing tension, between Roger and St. Vil, due to their work related split. From what BoxingScene was told by Floyd Sr [and a few others], Roger wanted St. Vil out of the condo and that led to altercation. When she refused to leave, Roger was alleged to have used force while attempting to remove her from the condo and the two began to fight. Roger is alleged to have punched her multiple times to the face and body, and later began to choke her out. St. Vil tried to fight back, and even cracked a lamp over Roger's head.

Police arrived after St. Vil called 911. They found Roger still scuffling with St. Vil, who was coughing up blood. Mayweather was arrested and charged with coercion with force and battery-strangulation. He was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and later released on bond. From what multiple source told BoxingScene, St. Vil will be planning a civil lawsuit against Roger and pressing criminal charges.

Floyd Sr. did not want to comment too much on the incident, at least on the record, but he did tell BoxingScene that he learned a very long time ago to stay away from physical encounters on the street.

"I had a few fights of my own over the years with a couple of guys. I'll tell you this, I made way too much money in my career to start giving it all back," Mayweather Sr. said.
who do you guys think is better for lil floyd as a trainer?.. roger or floyd sr?
QUOTE (JLUVBABY @ Aug 4 2009, 12:15 PM) *
who do you guys think is better for lil floyd as a trainer?.. roger or floyd sr?

Brother Naz.
Box in Hand
QUOTE (damarvelous1 @ Aug 4 2009, 11:20 AM) *
Brother Naz.

Very good choice.
Whoa! If he got Naz as a trainer that would be funny cause that would be a slap in th face for shane LOL. And u kno Naz would pick Floyd "lot more money and fame "
I think if he gets Floyd sr that would be good cause imo we would see a more Offensive Floyd , using lot more compos,hooks and uppercuts...
Col Reb
How much time do you think Roger will get for this incident?
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