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Full Version: Will Floyd use Roger's arrest as an excuse to back out of the JMM fight?
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Byrd Man

From a boxing standpoint (since I don't know much about the law other than how to not break it and that things like murder are wrong), what really worries me is Floyd Jr. could surely use this distraction as an excuse to bail again. Mayweather-Marquez was called off the first time officially due to a rib injury to Floyd, and a lot of the other rumor was that it just wasn't selling tickets and the buzz wasn't there. I don't think the buzz is there this time, either. Let's face it: This is a big fight in boxing, but not beyond that. Now matched against UFC 103, PPV numbers would take a hit.

And it's all about how many sales you can bring up at the negotiating table if Mayweather-Pacquiao ever really gets discussed.

Of course, Floyd has his father there as a very capable fill-in if Roger winds up in a lot of trouble, and I don't think Floyd is learning a whole lot in camps these days anyway. He could probably train himself and let me talk to him in the corner and be fine.

Nothing more than the early story right now, though. No word or even decent rumor about it affecting the Mayweather-Marquez fight.

I don't know what will happen, because as has been evident you really can't predict what's gonna happen with this situation. But I wonder if there's any possiblity to this? That he would use this as an excuse to back out, like he backed out once already.

Maybe not. And this isn't intended as a "hate on Mayweather Jr." type post (because as Marz will tell you I do this MANY MANY times, despite only posting THREE threads about him since I joined), but I think there are already people out there that wonder whether or not this will go off, or whether he'll back out, or pay JMM some step aside money or what.

I don't see the point in doing the step aside money, now that Pacquiao has signed to face Cotto. Unless the Shane fight was gonna FINALLY be made.

Thoughts, anyone?
The Original MrFactor
This fight will not be cancelled. Mayweather wont fight any guys at WW, so he really has few options since Pacquiao is fighting Cotto. If/When Cotto bludgeons Pacquiao its going to be a disaster for Mayweather...
Fight will go on..I'm sick of each Mayweather interview getting a new thread started..Try to keep Mayweather threads to a min. since there are more Mayweather threads than there are other threads combined..
I remember that one Fitz. It pushed every one of my buttons.

i think this fight will happen. this has been a long lay off and postponing the fights not gonna help. floyd needs to be in the ring.
NOPE! Floyds going 2 beat JMM ass no matter who's in his corner ! He could be there come fight night with his kids! And would still destroy JMM...
King Eugene
Floyd could have Luis Resto in his corner and Panama Lewis in JMM's corner giving him the bottle of water "I mixed" and still tap that ass!
Col Reb
I can't see Floyd backing out of this one. It should be an easy win, and he can just use Pops in the corner. Would things maybe get postponed to avoid competition with UFC? Certainly possible, but Marquez is hand-picked for Floyd.
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