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Full Version: Concepcion comes in @ 119 for a 115lbs fight?
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Byrd Man
This is crazy. From what I've heard (admittedly a biased commenter in Nonito's wife) Concepcion didn't even try to come in at 115, and said he doesn't mind the penalty, he just wants to win.

I hope people give him just as much shit as other fighters who did this.
By Rachel Donaire

Friday was such a great day to realize how much love and support Nonito gets from his fans, from the ones who came overseas to watch him fight, ones that comment on his facebook and twitter, and even those who retwitter to help grow Nonito’s fan base. There were shouts and cheers from every angle at the weigh-ins. I grabbed the SUV we rented and when he got in the front seat, he sat and said “Wow, did you see how many people there were?” He was so touched by the amount of people that showed up at just the weigh-ins.

There was also a sense of disappointment in the air as we walked through the crowd. I got countless texts saying how “Unprofessional” Rafael Concepcion was, not making the weight limit and being 5 pounds off. Nonito kept getting asked, “Are you still taking the fight?” That was never a question to him. Concepcion could have been 10 pounds over, but he was committed to his fans to fight.

The unfortunate part about this is the fact that Concepcion has shown lack of professionalism, lack of integrity of being a professional boxer.

First off, why did he take the fight at 115 if he could not, or would not make the weight when he was able to just a year ago? He signed a contract right? It’s not like there was a weight change or something. Wouldn’t a professional boxer know what weight he is capable of making?

During the press conference workout Tuesday, he commented on Panama is 4-0 to Philippines in boxing. Is he willing to risk everything to make it 5-0? Is he trying to gain advantage against Nonito by being 5 lbs heavier at weigh-ins? I mean at the Media WORKOUT, he didn’t even workout! Like he was relaxed in where he was sitting. He reported to have arrived Sunday night at 119 llbs. Ironically, 5 days later, he still weighs the same. You mean to tell me this whole week he couldn’t lose a pound? He actually gained? Las Vegas is SOOOOO hot, its not possible…unless he’s scarfing down burritos after his workouts.

Our coaches noticed how energetic he was compared to Nonito at the weigh-ins, as if he had been eating right before the weigh-ins. During all this time, Nonito had kept his focus on the prize, which is the WBA Interim Championship Title and he wasn’t gonna let anything stop him. Not even Concepcion. This morning, our trainers were down at the Hard Rock Hotel Gym upon hearing Concepcion was weighing 119 and couldn’t make the weight; no sign of Concepcion sauna-ing, no sign of him running or working off the weight; he walked into weigh-ins with his neatly gelled hair and fresh look. The commission gave him two hours to “try to lose more weight” but all he did was sit in his room and said he “tried”.

This is a last attempt at attacking Nonito in any way they can. They admitted in articles that the boxing perfection Nonito is has hardly any flaws, so the only way was to play psychological games right? First DeBerry, the manager of Rafael attempt to stir up trouble by stating that they’d be worried if Senior was trainer. Is he disrespecting our fellow Filipinos—the Penalosa’s—and their accomplishments? Then he commented on Nonito’s family, trying to say Rafael is stronger due to his family ties. Is he the next Boy Abunda? That topic is soooo 9 months ago! Then DeBerry CALLS Senior to see if he would spill Nonito’s weaknesses. What kind of question is that? (That’s actually the exact question Senior asked) Senior responded that no matter what he is still his son and he’d never say anything to hurt Nonito. What’s wrong DeBerry? Didn’t train your fighter right? Worried that you have to resort to dirty tactics?

Finally, the last straw was the quotes the media got from Concepcion after the weigh-ins. He stated “I dont mind the penalty fee I have to pay. The money doesn’t worry me. I just want to beat Donaire.” Ok, I understand the whole point is coming out victorious. But in the end, Concepcion is just cheating himself and his country since he says Panama is undefeated against the Philippines. He never intended on making the weight? No matter what he does to try to pull cards in his favor, no matter dirty tactics he comes up with it’ll never work. I believe God and Nonito’s guardian angels will protect him and lead him to victory tomorrow night. With the injustice being stacked against Nonito has the RIGHT to choose not to take the fight, BUT it serves perfect that his fight is dedicated to the late Former President Cory Aquino. He wants to bring glory to the Philippine, even if everyone says he should just walk out of the fight. But by the end of Saturday night, the world will finally understand and feel what Pinoy Power is.
Byrd Man
please change the topic name to "@ 119" instead of "@119.5" My mistake. Thanks.
Fat ass piece of shit. angry2.gif
Its pathetic that guys sign to fight fights then come in so over the weight without a care in the world...Luckily Nonito is a warrior and allowed the fight to still go off but I would not have blamed him for not wanting to fight. I wish something more could be done to penalize a fighter who doesn't make weight for a title fight. This sort of stuff seems to be happening more and more often and it pisses me off! thumbsdown_anim.gif
Concepcion came it at 134 lbs.!!! Donaire only 122!
QUOTE (bababooey @ Aug 16 2009, 10:37 PM) *
I wish something more could be done to penalize a fighter who doesn't make weight for a title fight. This sort of stuff seems to be happening more and more often and it pisses me off! thumbsdown_anim.gif

I agree but what can be done? Not allow them to drink water between odd numbered rounds? They get fined a % of their purse & lose the right to fight for the title which is a fair penalty. If the have it happen multiple times then they should not be allowed to fight in that division again.

Byrd Man
QUOTE (torvix2000 @ Aug 16 2009, 10:54 PM) *
Concepcion came it at 134 lbs.!!! Donaire only 122!

And people have the balls to question Nonito's fight plan and call him a coward and saying he ran all night and shit.

a Flyweight giving up 12 fucking pounds and he's gonna stand there and brawl in the center of the ring? Please.

Anyone that gives Concepcion any credit or any good words over this shit is a disgrace.
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