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Full Version: The official "word processor" thread
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Mean Mister Mustard
I was reading the Diaz-Malignaggi thread and was pleasantly surprised to read a very interesting Q and A session between Fitz and Jack 1000 regarding the installation of Microsoft Word. I found it to be quite a stimulating conversation and decided it would be a good idea to create a thread dedicated solely to word processing software. It could also serve as a platform for discussion regarding the many inconsistencies we encounter on a daily basis when dealing with these pesky but lovable applications.

Let me start off.

I for one do not enjoy being sandbagged into using the almighty Microsoft Word processor. Call it an excercise in futility if you will but I feel as though there must be other alternatives to the bicep of the walking conglomerate that is Microsoft. That is why I have been inquiring about other word processors,these past few days and recently discovered OpenOffice. Here are my questions.

Is their website reliable? The last thing I want is for my Word Processing adventure to start with a virus infection.

I heard it is compatible with Microsoft's software. Is this true?

I have a lot of writing to do and am not always able to proofread everything so does this come with an auto corrector feature? I also like to use big words to impress the reader so does it come with a thesaurus? If so how many words does it contain? And one cannot forget a dictionnary. Does it have one as well?

I also have a question regarding text expansion software. I communicate on a daily basis with a number of beings of lesser intellect and was wondering if this software would allow me to insult them in a prompt manner that would allow the rest of my time to be focused on more important matters?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Mean Mister Mustard
QUOTE (Fitz @ Aug 27 2009, 08:05 PM) *
What a pleasant surprise to see a thread dedicated to word processors. Though I must say, I am not surprised that members found it as enjoyable as I did. Regarding to your query on OpenOffice, I would recommend that you speak to the advanced user in word processors and that is Jack. He is quite informative regarding word processors and has the patience and common courtesy to explain to beginners on what to use.
That has been my experience with Jack and with his professionalism, I have no doubt you will have the same experience. You mention that you prefer a processor that has spell checks and so on. I know it isn't a word processor but may I suggest you use Mozilla Firefox as the preferred web browser of your choice? It is very efficient and you can custom it for your tailored needs.
It's also nice to know that you take your writing very seriously and you are not just going to use any old word processor. I eagerly await Jack's response as I too would like to find out more about OpenOffice.



Affirmative. Jack has shown that he is the most qualified to answer these questions. The speed with which he responds to our queries, not to mention their impeccable clarity, makes him a very efficient problem solver. I anticipate his response with a great sense of excitement.

Be well.

The new office sucks a dick! I hate that "easy" to use shit.

Don't get me started on search engines...Google is the best BAR NONE! Yahoo has too much shit going on...I just want to search for shit, not look at pop-ups and misc video taking up bandwidth!

MS Office 2003 do-or-die mofos!!!
King Eugene
You can never go wrong with Adobe Illustrator CS4. Hell I'm a graphic designer so I always convert all my word files to pdf and then open them in illustrator. I'm sure it would do none of you any good though.
I use a gel pen & post it notes. Works fine for me & because my handwriting is so fucking awful no one can read it so it is like level 50 password protected.
I thought this was a joke thread. SMH @ me.
Mean Mister Mustard
As I previously mentioned, I simply dislike having to rely on one word processor, especially one that is being constantly updated and risks leaving you behind should you forget to keep up with the myriad of upgrades. What bothers me the most is the change of the user interface. One of the main characteristics of a high caliber product is the way it presents a complex yet exciting product, such as Microsoft Word, with wondeful simplicity. Well my main grievance is that the new interface has been modified and thus has presented a mighty obstacle in the way of achieving maximum productivty, which I don't have to tell YOU, cannot be afforded in these fast paced times of technological and social progress. The problem becomes twofold with it slugish behaviour. Needless to say, I do not consider the 2007 version a team player.

I am glad you asked me Fitz. Venting my anger about the product has been quite therapeutic and it feels it is heartening to see that other like midned individauls enjoy talking about word processors. One thing I must say, is that no matter how much I rant about disliking Word, it is still a word processor and it must be respected as a wonderful innovative technology. I am sure that other members of this community have not yet commented because they are to enthralled reading these posts and I believe that the more they read, the more insipiration they will find to write about their feelings on which word processors they most enjoy using.
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