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Full Version: Dueling PPV's on September 19th
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So with Mayweather - Marquez going up against UFC 103, there is a dynamic here that I am curious to see play out.

Most cable operators have only 1 HD PPV channel. Standard practice sees all the UFC cards, and the big boxing cards end up on there.

On September 19th, what will cable operators do? As of now it appears as though Cablevision will be broadcasting Mayweather - Marquez in HD.

Anyone else see anything with their local provider?
Interesting point. I can check the listings for comcast online, but it only goes out to Sep 7th at the moment. If I have to watch boxing in standard def I'm going to be pissed.
Great thread because this is a dilemma with me. I have Comcast which has never (atleast here) offered boxing PPView in high def.

Direct & the Dish has but they've charged $5 extra for it.

How many buys do these UFCs do generally or does it depend on the card??
Depends on the card.

No less than a half mill...800k is not abnormal. UFC 100 did 1.5 million buys, they do quite well.
King Eugene
Around my way the buzz for UFC 103 isn't that loud nor is the Mayweather fight. As always Hooters will show the UFC bout but most of the bars will show the Mayweather fight. Hell they showed the Jones vs. Calzaghe and Marquez vs. Casamayora so I know they'll be showing the Floyd fight. Then again it depends on what NCAA Football game is on that night.
Byrd Man
Zab is off the undercard according to both Zab and Yoel.


"The money is not right," Zab told me. "I'm not worried about Antonio Diaz, that's just a tuneup bout for me. Anyway, I plan to have two tune up bout before the year is over.

"Guys I really want to fight are Andre Berto and Juan Diaz. Tell l Haymon and Lou DiBella, who act as Berto's wardens, to let him out of the bag. ll they do is protect him!"
King Eugene
Pure BS...Zab pisses me off with this shit. He isn't in any position to be calling any shots.
Zab is a BAMA!
all i know is ill be fucking pissed if they dont show may vs marq on the hd channel but I doubt it I'm in the tri state area around here boxing>>>>mma
LOL Well looks like thsi is a good indication of how they will play out. In Australia we will get UFC 103 live on the Sunday afternoon & the JMM vs PBF PPV on paid delay on the Tuesday.

How popular can the pretty one be if that is the case. Of well looks like I will not be watching the fight at all & if Marquez catches lightning in a bottle & beats the cunt then I will buy the PPV on delay just to watch it happen repeatedly.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Aug 30 2009, 12:07 AM) *
No Mayweather vs Marquez for us. They are going to show it on the Tuesday and like Stevenski said, they are showing UFC 103 on the day rather than Mayweather vs Marquez.

Which clearly shows what the more important event is to Australia & what will hopefully do more buys.
why dont you guys get satellite?
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
Fuck these dueling PPV's, personally I want to see Method V. Sugar or Warlord V. LHRC. Dats some good shit right there.

I don't know if the fucktard bonehead programmers at Sky TV are even gonna play either one. Probably the UFC if they do. At times they really do suck the big one in NZ.

Well it looks like Cablevision has their solution...they added a second HD PPV channel, so both broadcasts will be available in HD.
Jack 1000
QUOTE (JD @ Sep 16 2009, 05:20 PM) *
Well it looks like Cablevision has their solution...they added a second HD PPV channel, so both broadcasts will be available in HD.

Same with TWC,

They added a second HD-PPV channel yesterday to cover both the UFC and Mayweather-Marquez matches in HD.

Originally, they had both matches showing on SD-PPV and only the Mayweather-Marquez fight was on the HD channel. But now that they have added a second channel, problem solved.

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