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Full Version: Predictions please
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Couture vs Big Nog :

Jardine vs Silva :

Leben vs Rosholt :

Marquadt vs Maia :

Some good fights on the undercard, and a few with names vs unknowns.

Give me Couture, Silva, Leben and Marquadt. Not too sure about the jardine vs silva call. Jardine with his fucking stupid monkey stance and slow starting, and Silva coming off the blow out loss to the dragon. I think Silva has more to prove and may catch jardine early, but really not confident about this pick

Marquadt vs Maia is another tough one. I reckon marquadt is better at most aspects of the game, but maia is so dangerous with his JJ he cannot be counted out. But i think marquadt should have the goods to keep this fight standing
I'm picking the half Man, half Minotaur against the guy you should NEVER pick's funny...but like Couture...Noguiera strikes me as the type to have one more great fight in him...and it's a good time to have your "1 more" against a guy who's already had MORE than his "1 more"...

Give me Silva impressively over Jardine...he's much more disciplined...

I have a feeling Leben will catch the young Rosholt with something and pound him out...

I'll take Marquardt over Maia based on him being more proven and well rounded....
My gut says Randy, my heart is pulling for Nog.

Jardine over Silva.
Maia over Marquadt.
Maybe Leben over Rosholt, I don't know.
Vera over Soszynski, but it may not be impressive.
After watching the weigh ins, it seems they have some heavies capable of reaching the upper boundaries of the weight limit of 265. They obviously arent having to cut as much weight as lesnar, but these are really big dudes. Still amazes me how guys like couture, coming in soaking wet at 220, can compete and win
I'll take...

Couture KO2
Jardine UD
Marquardt UD
Rosholt UD
Soszynski KO1
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