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Full Version: ESPN2@9PM (CST) Bailey-Urango/Cloud-Woods
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Jack 1000
A reminder of two very good ESPN2 fights tonight! Especially Bailey vs. Urango, which could be titled "BOMBS AWAY." Woods vs. Cloud is interesting as well!

The thread will be a preview thread UNTIL about 9:15 PM (CST) tonight. At that time round by round spoilers will be included for the fights.


I'll be in the chat room during FNF...get your ass in there too!

The Hype has spoken!
Get in chat fellas....
King Eugene
Man I cant get in the chat at work. Somebody give me some results.
Why aren't there more posts?....that was a FIGHT right there!...LOVED it....Iron Twin for the win.

I've come to the conclusion the only way to beat Urango is with Speed and/or Excessive Holding...that bitch, Berto, used both....and if Hatton hadn't been allowed to hug the shit outta him in their fight, Urango would have won that bout.

Very happy for Urango...he won that the old fashioned way....he EARNED it.
That was a solid fight. Bailey started out fast with that pawing jab and right hand. He was easily up after six rounds, but Urango went to work after that. I thought Urango was done after that right hand, but much credit to him he came back. He's one tough dude who comes to fight. I'd love to see a rematch between these two, and see if Bailey can make any adjustments. Randall Bailey fought hard tonight and has nothing to be ashamed of. He didn't fight like a bitch like Berto until he got really hurt in the fight...and still, he tried to land that huge right hand. I agree with the assesment that Urango earned it. I'd love to see a rematch, but if that don't happen I wouldn't mind seeing Urango-Bradley or Urango-Campbell. If you want real fireworks how bout Urango-Maidina. All these are solid matchups and make 140 an exciting division.
Jack 1000
Good card,

For the life of me, why doesn't Teddy Atlas credit multiple knockdowns in the same round less than 10-8? It makes him look retarded. He talks too much as well. Than when they first reported on the Diaz-Malinaggi decision it was reported as a "Majority decision?" Somebody needs to do their Boxing 101 homework, including Atlas on the rounds issue above.

I kind of felt bad for Bradley. You could tell he REALLY wanted it, but the pressure got to him.
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