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Byrd Man
I like your television programming.

That is all.
Byrd Man
QUOTE (Fitz @ Sep 17 2009, 12:28 AM) *
What television programming are you referring to?

I've actually gotten into a few of your shows.

Rush is a favorite of mine. Comes on Ten, thursdays at 8:30 (your time obviously).

Just getting ready to start up with Underbelly. Apparantly that show is pretty notorious around your parts. lol
Byrd Man
Underbelly (the uncut editions) is about the 10 year gangland wars, that the courts refused to let Nine air due to the fact that it would influence ongoing trials of some of the people the show was about.

It starred two actors who are also in Rush. Callan Mulvey and Rodger Corser. Ironically both actors have co-starred in FOUR separate shows together. Rush, Underbelly, Home and Away and McLeod's Daughters.

Rush is a cool series. Bout near the end of it's second series. It airs on Ten.


Rush follows the lives of members of the prestigious Tactical Response team (TR), which is based on the real life Victoria Police Critical Incident Response Team, a highly mobile unit that fills the operational gap between general duties police and the SWAT-like Special Operations Group. The team is seen responding to violent incidents such as carjackings, suicides and armed offences. Rush focuses on the TR officers, their intelligence officer, Leon and Inspector Kerry Vincent, head of the TR administration. It explores both the working and personal lives of the team.

Here's actually a banner or whatever for the show which features the two actors on Rush who are also on Underbelly.

Byrd Man
Will definitely get that.

What are some other action shows from Australia that are worth checking out?
Byrd Man
QUOTE (Fitz @ Sep 17 2009, 03:41 AM) *
To be honest, I don't watch much of Australian TV. I have cable, so I basically watch sports and TV shows I do watch are ones I liked and have on DVD like The Office (UK), Seinfield, Simpsons, Married with Children, Mr Bean, Extras. I basically only watched the Underbelly series and sadly enough I watched Neighbours and Home and Away that I stopped watching only last year which is embarassing, haha.
If you like comedy, that TV show "Summer Heights High" was pretty popular.

Grabbing a series right now called "The Strip". supposedly it's a CSI knockoff. lol

You know, interesting aside, I've talked to people in the UK, Canada and in Australia and I'm like "Dude, I love so many shows from where you are" and almost all of them are like "I never watch our shows"


Some of my favorite shows are from other countries.

Durham County
Little Mosque on the Prairie

Get Blue Murder it shits all over Underbelly in every way.

Kath & Kim is pretty funny too.

UK comedy is the best.
lloyd mayflower
Chopper is the shit. Keithys done imself a mischief! Classic. Neighbours has never been the same since the passing of the great Madge Bishop, and the loss of Nicky Whelan. I forget who she played but she could be he hottest female on the planet
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