I need some clarification on this fight. It appeared from what I read that Valdez was beating the crap out of Montiel, what should have been a KD in Valdez's favor was not because the ref called time instead to have the cut examined. Is it also true that Montiel was cut from a punch and not a head-butt. Did the ref make a ruling on the cut and what was it?

Than the decision was called a technical decision, (With the wrong round announced) But someone presumably from the commission changed it to a TKO win for Valdez, which by all accounts should have been the proper call. Than, someone else reversed the decision (the second time) and claimed that the original technical draw should stand. I mean, WTF? I read that most reports even reported the result as a TKO win for Valdez. How much time elapsed before the verdict was changed back to the original call and:

1.) Who changed the decision from a technical draw to a win for Valdez in the first place?

2.) Who than changed it back to a technical draw?

3.) Is Valdez planning to appeal this miscarriage of justice?

4.) Was this a WBO Title Fight?