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Full Version: Diaz/GBP balking at a Malignaggi rematch
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Hype post this on the front page

And Dan Raphael is explaining the details in his column

The knock against Paulie has been he couldnt bust a grape. It's mind boggling to me how apparently someone so NON threatening is getting jerked around like this. Not only by ring size but by weight (again).

While folks love to say fighters ducked this fighter despite there not having been any negotiations between those fighters. This HERE is a great example of ducking. Diaz has since come out and expressed on an article posted on boxingscene

How lame. I do understand Diaz is probably training to angle for a rematch (why he doesn't deserve it frankly) with Marquez which I believe would be more lucrative. Thats fine and all but Marquez hasn't said what he wants to do yet and this fight is on the table now.
mall. is a good fighter and i hate to see whats happening to his career... yeah he doesnt have a punch but at his best he is capable of out boxing almost anybody... i hate to see him as an opponent being brought in for a name on another fighters resume... cuzz it seems that even when he wins its very possible he is going to lose the fight on points... imma diaz fan and try to make most of his fights tho i wasnt at that one but watching it on tv no way diaz won that fight... to me it really wasnt even that close... in that respect i dont blame diazs people for keeping him away from mall... lol... that nightmare is over... i think they thought mall. was shot and thats far from the truth...
Jack 1000
I mean OK, Paulie does not have a punch and is not an exciting fighter, but shit, GBP has no problem with Floyd Mayweather fighting guys two sizes too small for his natural weight so what's the big conflict? They are just looking to protect Diaz because they know that outside of Texas or a Hispanic/Latin American community the judges will likely bend over backwards to favor Paulie this time. And GBP can't afford to have their guy Diaz lose to a non-puncher like Ayala.

Please at any cost spare me any fight on HBO that includes Malignaggi. He is so boring to watch. Please give dates to guys that put on a better show. He can keep doing his job, just keep him off tv.
I never saw that fight as highway robbery....I thought the one score was terrible...but IMHO the PERFECT call for that fight was a draw....each got about 6 rounds solid...and neither man ever actually dominated the other to the extent that they made me think they beat the others ass.

So...seeing as how a draw would have been ideal....and that it was in Diaz hometown...I could see one or two rounds swinging.

The ONLY aspects that make it worthy of another bout is the outcry that Paulie and his people made before and after the fight and the one terrible card.

that ain't enough to make people set through another fight when both these guys can move on.

QUOTE (Lil-lightsout @ Oct 3 2009, 02:16 PM) *
Please at any cost spare me any fight on HBO that includes Malignaggi. He is so boring to watch. Please give dates to guys that put on a better show. He can keep doing his job, just keep him off tv.

I agree this muthaf*cker couldn't bring in fans if his life depended on it he's probably the most boring fighter going today.

And the ass hole has the nerve to act as if he won every rd and it was a flat out robbery. The fight was close some had it for Diaz others for Paulie it could have gone either way but that little bitch acts as if he dominated the fight.

Castillo/mayweather I

Were worser decisions yet you didn't hear or atleast i don't recall any of them whine nearly as much as malinaggi.
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