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Full Version: Whats the best DVD-R??
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What's the best DVD-R to buy???I want to buy quanitity but real good quality for not too much money..I'd want it to hold at least 2 hours or more..

All DVD-R's I've tried so far have been shit..I can only watch them on certain DVD players which is not what I want this time..

Hope ya guys can help..
You can also buy the Dual Layer DVD-R, which can hold up twice as much information, though I've found the quality to be a bit jumpy as well.
Magnavox. Most all of their recorders allow for use on BOTH DVD-R and DVD+R. I have two and every recording has come out flawless.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Oct 13 2009, 03:25 AM) *
You have some problems with what you are asking.

You are asking that you want it to hold up to 2 hours or more. Well the problem with that is it isn't the discs actual problem, it all depends on the content you put on your dvd. A standard dvd holds 4.7gb of data so they should all do the same for you, whether it holds 2 hours is all up to you and depends on the quality of video you put on it. You could have 5 hours worth with average picture quality or 1-2 hours with very good quality.

As for you only being able to watch them on certain dvd players, it could be due to several problems. Firstly, it would be more help if you actually mention how you are burning your dvd's and with which program. Perhaps you are not burning them as an actual dvd, and just burning the videos onto dvd as 'data' and not a 'dvd'. If you are burning them as just data it could only work on some dvd players because some dvd players will support the video format and others will not. So you need to provide more information, there is a good chance that the problem isn't with the actual dvds and could be the end user (ie: you). So maybe provide some information on what program you are using to burn your dvds and what format you are burning them as.

I just copy the info from one DVD to the next..Like,copy/paste..What's the best way to do it??
QUOTE (Fitz @ Oct 14 2009, 01:26 AM) *
In a dvd, you have 2 folders (Video_TS and Audio_TS). Usually the audio folder is empty, in the video folder you have a lot of files and the videos should be a .VOB format.
I use nero, and when I make a copy of a dvd, I select "DVD disk". Nero automatically makes a "Video TS folder" and I just put the data in there, but keep in mind that it must be .VOB format.
I'm still not sure whether the DVD's you are copying from are legit DVDs, or DVD's you got from a friend or somewhere that aren't original and maybe they are not in the correct dvd format.
What program are you using?

Well actually comes to think of it,the DVD's I made were actually copied from TV..They were Sony DVD-R's..I haven't tried burning and DVD's for about 3-4 years honestly after that..I didn't like how that other stuff came out before so I didn't keep it..I was actually thinking about something completely different with what I was talking about before..haha..My bad..

I bought some Maxwell DVD-R's with 4.7 GBs on em..Should I download the nero program then??If ya could,let me know what else to do..Thanks a lot..I'm going to be selling fights since I have so many and I am trying to save up to buy some Grant sparring gloves..
QUOTE (Fitz @ Oct 14 2009, 02:44 AM) *
Well you can't actually download the nero program just anywhere because you are supposed to 'buy' them. Though you can access them with cracks at some places. Do you use torrents?

No I don't..If ya could,could you PM the info on how to get the stuff needed to burn a DVD properly..If you have time that is..Thanks a lot for all the help so far..
QUOTE (Fitz @ Oct 14 2009, 11:10 PM) *
Sure, I will later. But could you give info on the source you will be getting the information from for a dvd? Do you have computer files on your PC that you want as a dvd? Are you going to copy dvd's from dvd's?

I'm going to be doing DVD to DVD..Thanks for being willing to help..
QUOTE (JonnyBlaze @ Oct 14 2009, 11:50 PM) *
I'm going to be doing DVD to DVD..Thanks for being willing to help..

You do realize that the picture from DVD to DVD really takes a HUGE drop in quality as opposed to video to DVD. Just letting you know in case you don't. The first time I ever went DVD to DVD I was shocked at the difference.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Oct 16 2009, 03:35 AM) *
JB. Here is the link.

  1. Free user
  2. Then wait for the countdown to finish and then download

Let me know once it's downloaded. Once it's downloaded, don't try and install it yet. I will walk you through it.

Does it take a big drop in quality like BG was saying??

I'm gonna download it maybe tomorrow or Monday..Thanks for the link..Let me know about how well it transfers the quality..
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