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Full Version: Question about Montiel vs Valdez
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I was watching this last night. They showed the card on fox sports. Well first off, what a start to the fight. Montiel drops Valdez in the first and gets cut above his eye. Then the second round, Valdez dropped Montiel. Montiel had a pretty nasty cut and it seemed like it was effecting him, but after the first round, Valdez was working Montiel over. I think they reached the 3rd or 4th round, can't remember now, but the doctor stopped the fight in between rounds. There looked to be a little confusion in the ring whether the cut was caused by a punch or head clash, though I can't remember the referee indicating that there was a head clash. In the end, they announced the decision as a technical draw.
Then moments later, some guy in a suit and a moustache enters the ring, gets on the mic and reversed the decision as a TKO win for Valdez which I felt was strange as the referee is the one that gives the ruling. Though on the replay, the cut was clearly caused by a jab which was good the right decision was given, though I still felt it strange that another guy other than the referee over ruled it.
Now I get to work this morning, go onto boxrec and now it's been declared as a technical draw again. What the hell happened? Last I heard watching the telecast was that it was turned into a TKO for Valdez, and now it's changed again. Did they change the decision three times? That's crap, the cut was caused by a punch.
Not sure but i think they ruled that the cut was caused by a butt i seen the fight online in fuzzy picture so i couldn't real tell if that was the case.

I think Montiel took this guy lightly he could have beaten him easly but got caught up in a fire fight. Im sure he'll settle things if they have a rematch.
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