2010 FH Prediction Contest:
Each quarter consists of roughly 12 rounds (weeks) of predictions.
Predict the winner of each fight and earn points to be placed in the rankings.
Each quarter you will be competing for a world title and the object is to unify or collect as many titles throughout the year.

First Quarter Starts in Nov. 2009 and ends in Jan. 2010 and is for the WBO world title

Second Quarter Feb. 2010 thru Apr. 2010 for the IBF world title

Third Quarter May 2010 thru Jul for the WBA world title

Fourth Quarter Aug 2010 thru Oct 2010 for the WBC world title

Correct fighter W = 2

W by TKO/KO = 4
W by exact round TKO/KO = 10
W by -1/+1 exact round = 6

W by DEC = 3
W by UD = 4
W by SD = 8
W by MD = 8

DRAW = 16
W by DQ = 22
NC = 32

To earn the maximum points possible
your pick must include your fighters name
and any of the scoring indicators listed, i.e. Judah KO1 or Judah UD, etc.

Bonus Points:
Championship Fights (Major World Title) = +2
Unification Fights = +1 for each additional belt