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Full Version: Get $25 rebate for the fight! w00t w00t
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Yeah how dare they offer incentives for people to buy something. Damn them for that,lol.

Anyways, what I noticed on the last promo is that it's UP to $25 dollars. If you host a party like I normally do, the beer that people bring, have them bring Tecate for a couple of cases and the receipts.

I used to work in marketing a while back. The best thing about rebates is that it's a 25-30% return AT best. If there are things like receipts needed (like with this, you have to show your cable bill showing the purchase). Most people forget it.
BUMP! Just making sure everyone seen this!
It's void in Texas...damn.
QUOTE (Imperius3 @ Nov 14 2009, 06:42 PM) *
It's void in Texas...damn.

that's funny
yep, void here in minnesota too. Same as every other fight, oh well. Really looking forward to it though.
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