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Full Version: Manny Pacquiao VS. Roberto Duran at 147
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I'll will post my opinion after I read yours.
Duran by decision.
Duran via close decision. Manny's speed, movement, workrate, and angles would give Duran all he wants and more. But remember that in spots Miguel Cotto was able to succesfully box Manny Pacquiao with his own jab, left hook, and body punching. Duran would be able to do more of the same but he's not hurting Manny.
HAVE to take Duran here...his hands of stone and his ruthlessness would be the difference makers...Manny doesn't hit as hard as Duran did at 147 and has been known to show mercy....

Duran by Late Stoppage.
Duran from the first Leonard fight would eat Manny up but thats no knock on Manny.
I dont want nebody thinking im on mannys dick or nething but duran could never handle speed...duran and leonard 2 he couldnt handle it even three he couldnt handle it and tommy hearns knocked the shit out of him but grant it hearns was way taller and had longer reach but i think it would just be manny hitting duran and duran hitting the floor....Duran would do more damge then cotto but speed kills especially if you got power too
^^^^Nope... Not even...

Duran handled speed just fine. In the second fight with Leonard he was out of shape and he was still competitive.

In the first fight he was able to slip many of Leonard's shots and even when he got hit flush with Leonard's left hook(A harder punch than anything Manny possesses), he never went down nor was he ever visibly in trouble.

3rd fight come on. Duran was ancient by then. lol...

The Hearns fight was at 154... Big difference between that and a PRIME Roberto Duran... WORLD OF DIFFERENCE...

Watch Duran pre-Leonard I and anything that happened BEFORE and you'll see a guy whom when at his best, was damn near invincible.
I personally didn't think Duran was competitive in the second fight, but I felt he couldn't handle a boxer with speed. Leonard boxed. Hearns is tall, rangy and hits hard. I don't think Pacquiao replicates any of these 2. Duran wouldn't have anywhere near the problems facing these guys as he would with Manny.
Hitman25 is the same guy who thinks Corrales would beat Duran so that should tell you guys something.
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