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Full Version: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. - Its time to step up in 2010...
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You been beating bums for too long. Time to step up.
JCC, Jr. vs. Yuri Foreman for the belt would be aiight
chavez jr is a knockout waiting to happen... once he steps his game up im pretty sure he gets exposed...
Bottom line is that JCC has to step it up.

Arum could make Foreman/JCC happen next week.

Considering Yuri's apparent lack of KO power it seems JCC people might be willing to risk the 0 for a shot at some hardware.
JCC looked incredibly lame on the undercard the other night, especially for the fight right before Pac-man vs Cotto. I think he is going to get hammered if he steps it up in comp. He sat there and tried to throw powershots all night. He never once tried to setup one of them with a jab.
I used to think Chavez Jr had potential when I saw him on early. I liked what I saw and thought he could maybe get better. The sad thing is he looks exactly the same to me today as he did 2 or so years ago. He has not improved, I don't expect much from him. I like him offensively and how he puts punches together but he gets hit way too much. His defence is shit.
i think yuri foreman out fights chavez... wouldnt mind seeing it on an undercard of a bigger fight tho... lets say the undercard of a pac/mayweather fight in march of next year hopefully...
QUOTE (JLUVBABY @ Nov 15 2009, 08:12 PM) *
chavez jr is a knockout waiting to happen... once he steps his game up im pretty sure he gets exposed...

Mean Mister Mustard
I think Steward got it right when he said Chavez doesn't box, he just stays there winging shots every 30 seconds.

Here's a typical Chavez Jr gameplan: Mpve around the ring, lead with a punch, put your hads up and tuck your elbows in, wait for the opponent (usually a light hitting midwest fighter) to throw a couple of slaps. Then throw a left look to the body and some artillery upstairs that either misses, gets blocked or if it lands does little damage, step out of range, move around the ring again and restart the whole process.
I really wanted the kid to do big things obviously he wasn't gonna be like his old man i don't think anyone expectd that but atleast be abe to pick up a belt or two but now i don't even think thats gonna be possible.

Jr. shows no hunger when he fights and gets hit way too much he might be able to pull off a win against a Foreman but i wouldn't bet on it.

Absolute bum who would have gone nowhere fast if it wasn't for his name. Fuck him.
QUOTE (BigG @ Nov 15 2009, 08:16 PM) *
You been beating bums for too long. Time to step up.

Step up and ruin his perfect record??Daddy or his camp don't want that..He WILL lose if he steps up..Troy Rowland's weak ass hit him with almost 50% of his power shots..Chavez jr. is real pathetic..He never improved any since like 10 or 20 fights ago..Maybe he got worse though..
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