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Full Version: Pernell Whitaker vs Manny Pac
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I was reading this discussion on another board and wanted to find out what you people think? I've got Whitaker winning at any of the weights they have both boxed at by clear wide decision.

At 135 and 140 I think Sweet Pea wins clearly. At 147, Pacquiao has a good chance IMO.
Pea was a bad man obviousley he wasn't the most exciting fighter but IMO he was more elusive than Mayweather. Just like Floyd you couldn't really train for whitaker he was one of a kind. I think Manny will make it interesting but once Pea gets going he'll take a comfortable UD.

Whitaker is a HORRIBLE style matchup for Manny...I think Whitaker decisions him.
I can see this going wither way but would edge it to the Pea though only slightly. I could see him winning a 8-4 type of decision although Manny is always very busy in there & he could win enough rounds on his activity level to get a decision.

This would really come down to how the fight is scored by the judges. If it is based on clean effective ounching then Pea gets it but if it is scored on sheer colume & activity then Pac gets it. That said Pac is a phenom & could well blitz Pernell. He does things he is not supposed to do.
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Nov 21 2009, 06:28 PM) *
Thank you so much for bringing back so many fine memories of one of the true greats of my lifetime. I believe that Sweet Pea would have soundly beaten Pacman if both in their primes, but unless he could TKO Manny, which I would doubt, the judges would once more rob one of the tragic figures of boxing history.

Pacman will not be so lucky with Mayweather. PrettyBoy stops Manny in 6 or less. Floyd does not want to chance the later rounds versus Pacman and realizes the danger of leaving it to the judges.

I'm a Floyd fan and i hate Pacquiao and his fans but no way Floyd stops anyone these days he wins via UD
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