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Full Version: WBA Hits New Low: Meehan vs. Chegnev For interim Belt?!!!
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Jack 1000
According to Fight News:

Seriously I thought this was a joke! Wasn't Chegnev supposed to be sick with Hepatitis B? Than of course we got Ruiz as a mandatory. As bad as Haye looked against Valuev, the one bright spot is maybe he can beat these fuckers senseless and get some order back to the heavyweight division. I hope that no network picks up Chegnev-Meehan. This is such bullshit!

Well, I can sort of understand Chagaev, as being as he was previously their champ who never actually lost the belt in the ring and is probably still in the top five contenders.

But Meehan?

Who has Meehan beaten to be ranked anywhere? They could have put Chambers, Povetkin, Maskaev...even previous challengers like Arreola or JC Gomez would have been OK.

But the main worry is that the winner is forced on Haye when he should be doing business with the Klitschko's.

Having said that, Haye-Chagaev isn't a bad match.

The WBA Heavyweight belt has been Don King's for over a decade now. This is no surprise.
Jack 1000
I just think when Wlad broke Chegnev in half and stopped him, he should have been eliminated from contender competition. But he wasn't, since the WBA title was not on the line. Poor Haye and the winner if this have to go through Ruiz again. This SUCKS!

This is just sad.
This apparently will not happen now, and Haye is the ONLY WBA champ.

The press releases between King and Ruiz have just been pure entertainment,lol.

Even funnier DK's office has sent out a press release saying they are sorry,lol.

Don King Productions issued a press release yesterday stating the company had a valid promotional contract with heavyweight boxer John Ruiz. Upon further review, Don King has learned that Ruiz’s contract with DKP has expired. “My boxing department had advised me my contract was still active, which turned out to be incorrect,” King said. “I apologize to John, his representatives, boxing fans and members of the media for making this mistake.” King explained that he was told that Ruiz had signed a three-year contract extension when in fact it had only been for two years. “When I was told this morning of this error, I immediately wanted to get the correct information out,” King said. “John had been with me since 1998, and I would prefer to see him stay with me, but he is free to do as he sees fit. I wish him well.”

You'd think before they sent all that out yesterday and that BS matchup that they would have indeed dotted their eyes and crossed their t's..
I don't mind that Meehan gets a shot. He has had a 6 fight streak & has had all his big opponents pull out on him. The dude is just as deserving as any of teh other bums out there at heavyweight.
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