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Full Version: Australia one of the best p4p punchers
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I know this will go down well with some of you yanks, lol. But has anyone noticed that just about every Aussie in recent times hits like a mule?

Darchinyan, Tszyu, Green, Katsidis, Briggs. They don't always have the greatest of skills, but they are tough fuckers. Lets give them some props.

Lets give it up for the Aussies.

My two favorite Aussie figthers are Mundine and Billy "The Kid" Dib.
lloyd mayflower
Im with you Fitz. Australia is up there with the UK as one the best if not the best P4P sporting countries on the planet. I also rate your drinking skills. As a Scot, too often have i come across foreigners who just cant cut the mustard. Yous guys have skills.
Out of topic, but it's funny that Gary Shaw is now desperate for a Donaire rematch. LOL! Sometime ago, I said Gary Shaw was afraid of Darch getting KTFOed again by Donaire. But some of Darch's fans insisted that Gary Shaw was really pissed off by Donaire because of his lack of gratitude and that it was normal for Gary Shaw to declare a NO MORE FIGHT... FIGHT WILL NOT HAPPEN PERIOD... etc. etc. against Donaire.
Just joking..I know those are 2 of the most hated here so thats why I mentioned them. I was fuckin happy when Luevano beat Dib up. But Dib is your best prospect. He has a chance to be world champion really can't deny that he has some talent.
Big Slim Sweet
Shannon Taylor's jaw hit Shane Mosley's first hard as FUCK in their fight years back. I remember I was like OH DAMN

HA just kidding. Most of you Aussies can crack. I hear Mel Gibson and Russel Crowe are pretty good scrappers too.
I've always had an affinity towards Australians...they're generally very friendly people...and they also like to drink, fight, and fuck like

I respect them and their fighters...
Jeff Fenech is my all time favourite Australian.

Proper geezer.
Well neither Darchinyan or Tszyu are native Australians so would we really attribute their skills to the country? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't both start their boxing careers in their native homeland?
QUOTE (Maxy @ Dec 4 2009, 08:18 PM) *
Jeff Fenech is my all time favourite Australian.

Proper geezer.

He was certainly a hard cunt. Pity his hands were brittle.
QUOTE (STEVENSKI @ Dec 4 2009, 07:34 PM) *
He was certainly a hard cunt. Pity his hands were brittle.

Yeah still a great fighter though. Sorta geezer that'll take on anyone, whatever their size and give em a good fuckin' kickin'.

Too few of that sort about.

Definition of an hard nut.
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