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Full Version: Boxing Research Question on Headbutts?
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Jack 1000

Was wondering if any of you know the answer to this and any related questions. When did fighters start to be penalized for headbutting? Years ago, cut producing headbutts were not penalized and if a fight got stopped because of a cut, it didn't matter if it came from a headbutt or a legal punch, you were a TKO loser. Does anyone know the first fight where a ref took points off or a fighter lost the round because of headbutting? When did they start going to the scorecards if the fight had to be stopped because a foul such as headbutting to determine a winner?

you shoul ask holyfield, he's the expert in headbutting.
QUOTE (Fadetwist @ Dec 7 2009, 05:00 AM) *
you shoul ask holyfield, he's the expert in headbutting.

But he was not even being warned. And also hugging technique. I'm so glad Ruiz outdid him. Then he whined about Ruiz's superhugging technique. LOL!
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