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Full Version: Worlds strongest man making MMA debut today
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Can you guess which one he is? dntknw.gif

Apparently the other guy is also making his debut as well, which doesnt look good for him based on physique alone. He may not have any wrestling skill, but i would say he would be a handfull grappling, probably able to pick you up by the throat and throttle you in the air.


I've seen this guy compete in strongman comps before. What sets him apart from the other competitors is that he can move pretty well for a big man. Well, put that in perspective, he can move well whilst carrying enormous weights. So he must have some explosive power behind him

Good freak show type of attraction. As to whether these karate and boxing skills can let him compete remains to be seen

He's a wildman... LOL

Not much skill at all, but he seemed to have some sting on those kicks

He's going to need major work if he expects to make it to the top.

Simply a fucking joke. LOL.
I wouldn't mind seeing one of those Jujitsu guys try to manipulate him into a submission.
Anyone that can punch could mostl likely stop him, but I don't see any of those little karate guys affecting him. It would be like trying to put the Incedible Hulk in a full nelson.


We'll see...I doubt his stamina is good enough to go any significant period.
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