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Full Version: Forget the Belts
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Due to the number of titles per division and the large sums of money fighters seek, it seems that the titles definitely don't carry the weight they used to.

So to make fights intresting a friend and I thought of a concept that would be somewhat entertaining. In addition to purse monies and meaningless titles, what if fighters could lay their monikers on the line.

For example, if (and it's a big if) Berto did beat Mosley, Shane could no longer be announced as Sugar. That moniker would belong to Berto. He could be announced as Sugar in addition to any other monikers he picks up throughout his career.

In some cases I think that could humble some fighters.

What fighters would have the best chances to snatch multiple monikers and what fighters would you like to see most lose their monikers?

Byrd Man
I would say Floyd but he'll just make up a nickname.
Or, instead of losing the nicknames, when they do the introductions, the announcer lists the other fighters they have beaten as "his bitches"
What we need is in ring interferences by rivals and managers distracting referees while their fighter cheats. shok.gif
How about when they announce the fighters record they say their wins and the loses they announce who they lost to and how LOL ,mutha fukers would not want 2 loose LOL

Ex.he comes in so and so wins with 2 defeats ,one to Antonio Margarito who he gave up to and the other to Pacquiao who he got stoped by both loses comin buy TKO "from puerto rico Miguel Cotto " LOL something like that LOL
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