A friend of mine is a DJ and he just put out a mix that he was asked to do for a French underground radio station. None of that top 40 MTV type shit here.

Check it out.

DJ Mike Nice, of The Digger's Union, has released several classic worthy mixtapes in the past year or so. And not just any old artist mixtape, he fills his tapes with rare unreleased demos, freestyles and verses that no one has heard before.

So it was no surprise to find out that the biggest underground hip hop radio show in France, called "Built to Last" asked Mike to provide a mix session for them. And you know that when Mike Nice comes to do a Mix Session that he's not going to be just hitting them with some shit you hear on the radio or MTV. He's gotta do it the only way he knows how. The Digger's Way.

You got rare exclusives and unheard tracks by LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Big L, Nas, Tupac, Biggie and more.

Below is the tracklist and a link to download this mix. Don't sleep on this folks, if you love hip hop music, this is that shit you need!


DJ Mike Nice - Built To Last Mix (Digger's Union Special Editiion)

01. Mobb Deep - Me & My Crew (1991 Demo mix)
02. A Butta & Grafh - (Freestyle)
03. Notorious B.I.G. - The Whut (Unheard Verse)
04. Cypress Hill - Light Another (Demo)
05. Ghostface Killah (Ghost Deini (Original Version)
06. Nas - Memory Lane (Premo's Demo Mix)
07. Jay Z - Understand Me (Demo)
08. Tupac - Day's of a Criminal (Demo Mix)
09. Alkaholiks - Grooveyard (Demo)
10. Hurricane Gloria, Erick Sermon & Redman - Milky (Demo)
11. Mic Geronimo - Hard Knocks (Demo)
12. MC Ricky D aka Slick Rick - To The Crib (Practice Session)
13. Biz & Big Daddy Kane - Freestyle '86
14. Notorious B.I.G. - Another Rough One (Mr. Cee Demo Mix Recorded in Mr. Cee's Living Room)
15. Grand Puba - How Ya Living (Demo produced by Pete Rock)
16. Akinyele - No Exit Part 2 (Test Press)
17. Kool G. Rap - Freestyle
18. Kool G. Rap - Enter The Dragon (Unheard Demo Version)
19. Kool G. Rap - G. Rap's Symphony (DJ Mike Nice Remix)
20. Prodigy - Too Young (When Prodigy was 15 years old)
21. Mobb Deep - Paddy Shop (Demo)
22. Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable (Remix)
23. The Incomparable Shakespeare (Venom Records) - King's County
24. The Faculty (Ei8trak & LY.F.E) (Venom Records) - Yes You May 2009 (Big L Tribute)
25. Sheek feat. Lord Finesse - I Know You Miss Me (Exclusive)
26. Lord Finesse - I Like My Girls With a Boom (Original Version)
27. Ei8trak - In The Flesh (1994 Demo)
28. Ei8trak feat. J. Treads & CJaxx - Greatest MC (Unreleased from the MASS VINYL vaults world premier)
29. Kool Keith - Cold Pissin' On Em (Demo)
30. LL Cool J - Fuck This Shit (Unreleased Track Marked To Be Destroyed. LL dissing Def Jam - World Premiere)
31. EPMD feat. LL Cool J - Rampage (Demo)
32. Method Man - Ice Cream Man (Demo)
33. Kool G. Rap - I Declare War (Demo)
34. Raekwon - Wizdom Body (Original Demo Version)
35. Jay Z feat. Sauce Money - Get Off My Dick (Demo)
36. Big L - I Don't Understand It (1992 Demo)
37. Rakim - Remember That (Demo Mix)
38. Biz Markie, Chilly Dog & Kid Wizard aka Rakim - 1985 Wyndanch High School Talent Show
39. LY.F.E (Venom Records) - Runnin