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Full Version: If Shane Mosley and Oscar fought one more time who would win?
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who would you give the victor to?
same thing that happened to cement hands would happen to oscar "fish net stockings" de la treadmill.
The Original MrFactor
Mosley would stop DLH in 6 or 7 rounds...
xxxxxx easy victory at this point.
Mosley might end his life. Thats a no shitter.
Mosley by 4th round buttfucking whilst grinning at his wife and spitting on his kids.

QUOTE (Keith @ Dec 20 2009, 09:40 AM) *
Mosley might end his life. Thats a no shitter.

If he dies..... he dies.
Big Slim Sweet
QUOTE (KookedKrack @ Dec 20 2009, 07:06 PM) *
If he dies..... he dies.

If he doesn't die it doesn't count.
Mosley takes it, but the early KO is NOT likely. Mosley wide decision!
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