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Full Version: Best Boxing Books/Bios/Documentaries
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Hey guys,

I'm currently on winter break from classes for the next few weeks and I'm wondering what are some boxing books/biographies/ documentaries ETC that u all recommend????? I've currently borrowed 4 boxing books from the library and am nearly done the first of the four: American Son- Oscar De La Hoya's biography. So far, I've enjoyed the book, it's a decent read however alot of it doesn't seem authentic to me. Not bad though..As of now, I'm trying to get my hand on Duran's biography.

What do y'all recommend as great boxing books to read?????
I've heard that "The Devil and Sonny Liston" is a great read.
Kassim Ouma's movie I heard is very good..

"Being Sugar Ray" is a great book...(Sugar Ray Robinson)

Jack Johnson Unforgivable Blackness...

Thanks guys, I've had a hard time finding Kassim Ouma's movie but I look forward to watching it when i get a hold of it!

Keep the books coming I wanna make a nice list hopefully I can make a new years resolution out of it!
........I see the rest of u motherf*ckers don't read!!!!!! jk.
Mean Mister Mustard
I'm going to check my past Ring issues in which there is a section where they recommend boxing books. One that I wanted to buy was Box Like the Pros written by Joe Frazier and William Dettloff from Ring.
Emile Griffith "Ring of Fire" i think it's called was pretty good.
"King of the World" - David Remnick

"Dark Trade" - Donald McRae

"The Fight" - Norman Mailer

"Buttercups and Strong Boys" - William Plummer

"Shadow Box" - George Plimpton

"Body & Soul" - Loic Wacquant (VERY academic)

ANYTHING by Katherine Dunn
"Shadowboxers" is one of the best boxing documentaries I've ever seen.
Big Slim Sweet
"The Professional" by WC Heinz is a great read.
"Boxing is my Sancutary" by Ted Sares. This is a great book and read. Ted is a true Boxing historian.
I know its not a book but the movie based on that Korean guy who got killed in the ring was pretty good. Seeing as its subtitles you can sorta qualify it as a read.

~ from my pre
Al Hata

Dark Trade, The Devil and Sonny Liston, and Teddy Atlas's book are all great reads.
about 10 years ago hbo did that sugar ray robinson documentary titled "the bright lights and dark shadows of a champion". worth watching!
QUOTE (mexi-cutioner @ Dec 24 2009, 04:46 PM) *
........I see the rest of u motherf*ckers don't read!!!!!!

The Ageless Warrior--A personal favorite about Archie Moore

The fighting Irish

Joe Louis--My Life----Another favorite..

A Flame of Pure Fire--Jack Dempsey and the Roaring 20's..Long and very intresting read..

Sugar Ray--About Sugar Ray Robinson

Holyfield--The Humble Warrior

Leonard the Magnificient---Rare book about Benny Leonard

Micky Ward's book

Teddy Atlas' book

If ya need more reading than this let me know and I'll really dig into my collection..The Archie Moore book is probably my all time favorite..
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