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I know some of you guys are old school wrestling fans...I found this blooper reel on-line that most will dig.

A lot of clips that I remember watching as a kid...

LOL...I think the Japanese guy was a little stiff.
Oh my God!

That was crazy...LOL
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jan 6 2010, 07:16 PM) *
Not a blooper, but this is fucking nuts.

Are you fucking kidding me??? That was the funniest thing I ever seen!!! I just pissed my pants, I can not stop watching it and laughing. My kid is sitting aside of me too laughing. Thank you so much for that.
This guy New Jack is a straight up piece of trash.

New Jack attacks Gypsy Joe

In April 2003, New Jack was flown to Tennessee because a veteran star of NWA Main Event, Gypsy Joe, wanted to wrestle New Jack. When Jack arrived, he found out that Gypsy Joe was a small, skinny, 70+ year old wrestler who has long since lived out his highlight days in the business. New Jack asked the promoter what he was suppose to do in this match. Jack sarcastically said he could either "beat him to death" or "have some sort of comedy match and lose dollar value in my name."

The promoter assured New Jack that Joe could take a beating, that he was "tough as leather."

At one point in the match, Gypsy Joe and New Jack ended up on the outside of the ring. Joe started shooting on New Jack, punching and head butting him, not selling the punches New Jack was throwing. New Jack had finally had enough and began the attack on Gypsy Joe.

New Jack began to legitimately beat Gypsy Joe with an aluminum bat wrapped in barbed-wire, whole rows of heavy plastic chairs, and a thick steel chain. The match was an official hardcore match and yet was ruled to Joe as the winner for "unnecessary roughness."

Fans began insulting New Jack with racist terms to which New Jack had no problem using the same tactic back. He said he had to hide in the trunk of someone's car to leave because somebody had called the cops on him for his actions.

New Jack stabs William "Hunter" Lane 9 times.

On October 10, 2004, New Jack was arrested after he, supposedly, stabbed William "Hunter" Lane 14 times with a shiv. A fan in the crowd who was an off-duty police officer, called the police during the match because he thought it was "real."

New Jack ended up in jail for 3 weeks for the incident and posted request for bail money on his website

Shortly after New Jack got out, he was interviewed by Doug Monroe of the Weekly Planet. In the interview he said the attack and stabbing was planned, that Lane wanted to bleed. He also said that William Lane did not know kayfabe, and didn't know what very common wrestling terms like "face," "heel," and "shoot" meant. Lane also told Jack he wanted to bleed during the match.

New Jack claims that Lane's last punch on the video tape was full forced, and Lane tried to put New Jack on the defense. He picked up an unwilling New Jack to try and slam him, and New Jack had enough. He started stabbing Lane and did so too much. After New Jack gave Lane a knee to the face, Lane was knocked out and fell out of the ring. New Jack stood on his face and grabbed the promoter by the shirt to tell him that Lane was hurt. New Jack even ripped off his shirt to keep Lane from "bleeding to death."

Lane did walk away with 4 serious stab wounds to the back.

On March 12, 2000, New Jack (legitimately) suffered brain damage and was temporarily blinded in his right eye, when he and his opponent, Vic Grimes, fell off a balcony, missed the tables that were supposed to absorb the force of their fall and landed on the concrete floor (with Grimes landing on New Jack's head) at Living Dangerously 2000. In a rematch between the two in Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW), New Jack threw Grimes from a scaffold, with Grimes plummeting around 40 feet into the ring. The stunt did not work out as planned, as Grimes only landed on one of the twelve tables that were intended to break his fall and ended up dislocating his ankle on the ring rope. In the 2005 documentary Forever Hardcore, New Jack claimed that he had intentionally thrown Grimes too hard in the hopes that he would hit the ring post and for Grimes to be injured or killed, but under further evaluation Grimes can be seen noticeably pushing off the scaffold with his foot which is one of the main factors leading to the botch. Also in the interview, he said that the Living Dangerously accident was his own fault for prematurely pulling Grimes down from the scaffold. Jack has said that Grimes had been going around telling the locker room that he hurt New Jack, until Jack replied by saying "I hurt me."


Does this look like a guy who gives a fuck? I like New Jack beating on that old man.
Damn, no wonder those dudes decided to start MMA. That shit is tame compared to the "fake" stuff.
Scripted is a better word for it.
QUOTE (Spyder @ Jan 6 2010, 02:56 PM) *
I know some of you guys are old school wrestling fans...I found this blooper reel on-line that most will dig.

A lot of clips that I remember watching as a kid...

shok.gif @ 2:21

Booker T's gangster is to be respected "Hulk Hogan! we comin' for you nigga!"

New Jack is probably the wildest motherfucker to ever step in a ring though him, Sabu and the GOAT Terry Funk.
I remember watching Booker T say that and my brother-in-law were like, "Did he really just say that?" LOL
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jun 6 2010, 02:55 AM) *

Look at the woman with the kid all smiling n shit after the fan gets socked in the face. laugh.gif
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