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Full Version: McGwire finally fesses up
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He confessed to something that everyone already knew, but did he make a mistake of doing it too late?

I know it pissed me off that he "Didn't want to talk about the past..." in the congressional hearings, so does this confession keep him out of the HOF...or is the confession what will let him get in?
Big Slim Sweet
I don't think it helps him. If anything it hurts. Those 25% or whatever it's been the past three years who were voting for him I believe were doing it based on there not being any factual evidence proving his steroid use, even though common sense told you it was obvious. I personally don't think McGwire makes it into the HOF. And honestly, outside of his home run totals, which were clearly enhanced by his steroid use, I don't really think he's a worthy entrant, steroids or not.

It's going to get very interesting over the next few years seeing what kind of support certain guys get. Bonds and Clemens for example, were likely HOFers before their careers spiked unnaturally in their mid 30's. So do they get in based on what they accomplished previously? Or do they get punished for juicing to prolong their greatness? I think voters are going to have to take a close look at each individual's career and make a judgement for themselves about when they believe steroid use began and how they believe those individual's careers would have evolved naturally. It's either that or blanket reject every player from the era, which IMO isn't the right move.

Guys like Sosa and Palmeiro I think end up on the outside like McGwire. Sosa for example, clearly began roiding in '98, and probably ended up adding 150-200 homers to his career total. Without reaching 600 (or even 500), he probably doesn't qualify as a legit HOFer. Palmeiro is trickier, since he may have reached 3,000 hits either way. But he got caught red-handed, only months after wagging his finger at the cameras. And he never would have come close to hitting 500+ homers the way he did, considering he was a consistent 15-20 homer guy until the day Jose Canseco got traded to Texas, and then all of a sudden he was a 35-40+ home run hitting monster.

How many guys are clearly above suspicion? Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Ken Griffey? I think Frank Thomas was always clean and deserves to be first ballot. He was quoted in Sports Illustrated as early as 1995 saying MLB had a steroid problem and needed stricter testing. Guys like Biggio and Bagwell I think have mostly avoided suspicion but who the hell knows.

I hate how Bed Selig and the rest of the old cronies rode the titanic backs of these steroid users to achieve a wave of popularity with new fans but now are hanging those same superstars out to dry for the media and public to disgrace. And Selig probably gets a wing named after him someday at the HOF and the whole mess started under his blind fucking eye.
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