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Full Version: The Greatest Show On Earth! ACT 1
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Ladies and Gentlemen! Take a seat as a I mesmerize you with one of the greatest stories that was ever told.
Now grab a beer, take a seat, and be amazed at the story that changed the world.

Meet the main characters

Mayweather Jr.

His skills was not seen in over a decade, he danced around fighters making them look like amateurs, he was considered by many without equal. With his skill he took the world by storm, and when there was no one else left to fight he left the ring after destroying many in his wake. After his disappearance all was quiet in the boxing world.


Then arose a fighter not seen since Armstrong. Pacquiao fought with such ferocity and inspired the world.
His title as the "people's champ" showed that he was beloved by all.

In the waning days of the great sport of boxing there arose two warriors that would save it for another generation but before they can accomplish this great feat the stage had to be set. This is where our story begins.


It was a tumultuous time for boxing, the world was tuning the sport out and was tuning in to MMA. Day's were gone when friends would gather and watched boxing matches together. Talks of one fighters speed vs power is gone. It was replaced with talks of one mans skill to get on top of another man in the octagon.
Yes, grown men were cheering seeing other men get on top of each other.

Mayweather Jr. was given the torch of the sport by another great fighter Oscar Dela Hoya. Mayweather Jr.'s style can only be appreciated by the most devoted boxing fans. With his technical superiority he made his fights look easy. His speed and timing was unequaled, but people did not understand the beauty of his mastery of boxing. With the invasion of MMA people wanted to see violence and guts, they did not want to see a master of boxing. He was the consummate villain, he played the part like no other. People tuned in just to see him lose. It worked. But for every villain there needs to be a hero. There was none at this time so Mayweather left and vowed to one day return when there was a hero that can challenge him. He left as pound 4 pound in the world.

Then out of nowhere a man from a 3rd world country arrived to the shores of the U.S. His style was what people wanted. Pacman was destroying everything in his path. His many great battles with other great fighters was amazing. He gave the people what they wanted, violence, gore, heart and a hero they can cheer for. Pacman won over many fans, first he was hated by Mexico but after watching his many fights with their champions they started admiring Pacmans tenacity. He was soon crowned the pound 4 pound champion in the world.

With the renewed interest in boxing many new fans heard rumors of a former pound 4 pound great named Mayweather. In the recent coronation of Pacman as P4P many were left to wonder if this Mayweather could have beaten the new champ.

Mayweather in the meanwhile took interest in other sports outside of boxing. With his flair for the dramatics he made appearances in wrestling. While he was trying gain legions of fans outside of boxing, Pacman's job was to keep the new fans.

Pacman was trying to live up to the name of hero by re enacting one of the greatest battles in the bible of " David Vs Goliath".

With the current situation in the economy the plight of the people amid the recession was being translated into the ring. Mayweather being nicknamed "Money" represented Wall st. and everything that was wrong with it. Pacman represented the blue collar worker and his value of hard work and being humble. The people wanted this fight to happen. They wanted a representation of thier current situation in the ring. The blue collar worker wants to knockout the bank that's taking away their home. They wanted to punch the company that fired them. In Mayweather Vs Pacman they found their outlet.

Then at the proper time when the " People's Champ" was going to battle the champion across the pond an announcement was made that shook the world. Mayweather is returning and the people rejoiced. The fight that everyone wanted to see was finally happening. Now the stage is set for one of the most epic battles that we will see.

Stay tuned for ACT 2 " The architects" .

Reserved for ACT 2
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