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King Eugene
I dont know about you guys but I've never been a huge fan of strip clubs for various reasons. 1. I always think that it could be one of my sisters up there being looked at like a piece of meat 2. I dont pay to see women get half naked when I can get them naked for free. 3. I always tend to walk out saying "shit I spent too much money." Thats just to name a few reasons but not all.

Welp I just spent the weekend in south florida (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale) for the National 9 Man Flag Football Championship which we won by the way. Everything I felt about strip clubs has went smooooooth out the door after experiencing what I did. For the last two weeks one of my teammates had been telling me about a strip club that had over 200 girls down in Miami. I pretty much blowed it off every time he brung it up cause I wasn't a big fan of strip clubs and new of other stuff I wanted to do on my mini vacation. Well we got down there Thursday, went to south beach and it pretty much sucked. Its nothing like how it is on memorial day weekend but I still thought there would be more to do than sit around in wet willies(although I do know the majority of the activity in Miami happens in the city and not the beach). We basically wasted a night out drunk on the strip doing nothing!

The next night it was looking like things where headed in the same direction. Before it got too late I said fuck this! I seen a strip club called King of Diamonds off I-95 on our way down. So I suggested we go there. Nobody was really with it except for two of the older cats I was with. So on our way there we take a wrong turn and end up at a place called Tootsies. Turns out thats the same club my teammate was talking about weeks prior. This place was huge. An old Costcos or something. The parking lot was slam packed and a bunch of people was going into this place. By the time we got there it was like 1:30 or 2. So we finally park, get to the door, and its actually cheap as hell to get in there. Payed $8 bucks. We have an Onyx back at home and its always $20 and up. Anyway I walk in and pay. No more than three steps after passing the register I see three butt naked chics. I'm like WTF. At home they only go topless and thats only on stage or while giving you a lap dance. Not just walking around. I play it cool though, not like I haven't ever seen a butt naked chick before. When I tell you I seen every nationality in there....I mean I seen every nationality in there. I seen females from the west indies to Russian to tokyo. Goodness gracious is was some fine ass women in there. Seen a few celeberities too but they looked like some norms. Dont want to go into too much detail as of what all went on in there cause I could go on for days. Never in my life though had I been to a strip club where the females get butt ass naked and do damn near everything! I mean nothing but high heels and money holsters. They had some featured entertainer there name Kristi Morgan or something like that. She had people paying her $5 just to come on stage and pour hot wax on her. When females when up there she had them getting butt naked, making out, and sucking on each others breast and shit. I was like isn't that illegal. Then some one of the dancers that was actually sitting at our table replied,"Not in Florida!" I'll put it like this every dollar they received they earned plus more. It was hands down the best pole work I ever seen in my life and that includes on TV too. I seen a white girl in there sliding down the pole shaking her ass like she was in Nelly's Tip Drill video. She earned a couple of dollars from me that night! If you ever go to Miami you must hit up Tootsies!

The highlight of my weekend though was the next night when I finally stepped foot in King of Diamonds! This is a mainly black strip club. I was looking forward to a lot of ass shaking and booty clapping and damnit thats what I got plus more. I seen it all from girls on stage playing with their pussies, chicks swinging from the rafters, yes damnit I said the rafters not the pole but the damn rafters, dudes paying strippers to sucks on their nipples, and a bunch of other shit I aint never seen before. What took the cake was the featured dancer they had called Tip Drill. She worked the pole as best as I ever seen it worked before. Me describing it wouldn't even do it any justice whatsoever. So I highly recommend that if any of you guys ever visit Miami to visit their strip clubs. I guaran-damn-tee it you'll get your money's worth.

When I left monday morning I could only say two things........Damn I had a good time but Fuck I spent too much money! LMAO
I only went to a strip club once...2 years ago...didn't even stay along or do anything....I don't like them either..
I am not a fan of strippers at all. I can go to them, but it's just a big tease. You go in and spend all this money, and leave hornier than when you went it. It also gets annoying when strippers come talk to you and try to create an emotional attachment to you, like they have picked you from everyone in the place when all they want you to do is pay them for a private lap dance. I would probably prefer to watch porn than just look at her dancing and not being able to do a damn thing. Generally rather than paying a hot stripper to dance for me naked and just get you hard. I would prefer to take that money, go to a scummy brothel and take some mediocre hooker.
King Eugene
I'm not a big fan of the teasing lap dance and those females trying to sell you a dream. What I was entertained by was the damn pole work and just the atmosphere along with the hypeman in there. Like I said it was something different that I had never experienced. Yet at the end of the day I still walked out feeling like I spent too much money lol. They got me dawg!
I'm definitely a fan of strip clubs....getting wasted with your boys at a strip club is something every man should do.
King, those other clubs you were talking about aren't REALLY strip clubs. Girls dancing in bikini's and pasties is a stupid ass thing to pay for. Shit, you might as well go to the beach and see all that for free.

If you and your boys ever road trip down to Florida again, stop by Tampa. We are world famous for our naked dancers. I don't go to the clubs anymore, but they are on a different level.

The things those naked girls do to you...MAN...for my bachleor party, I was nervous about getting gonnerea on my jeans! laugh.gif
I mentioned on Facebook that I was looking for a way to Miami and about three people mentioned "Toosties". Even my female friends.
lloyd mayflower
I remember the first time i went into an American strippers, in Vegas. Back here you go for a private dance you get made to sit on your hands and any touching will result in a toilet interview from the biggest brute bouncer in the place. Well, me and my mate walked into this strippers, and the first thing we seen was some guy with his fingers just about in the girls starfish, so the two of us got a beer and stood by, waiting for the impending riot. When the riot never came we were intrigued and quizzed the first srtipper that spoke to us. She was horrified at our homeland stripper tyranny and informed us that we were more than welcome to touch them here. I can assure you I was like a fucking octopus! Hands everywhere!

However, believe it or not im not that into strippers. I, like Fitz, feel a hooker prvides better value for money.
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