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Full Version: USADA Interview
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Box in Hand
I know the Fight of the Century didn't come off and Mods might relocate this topic but this interview by the USADA is a good one. It really is shocking that boxing doesn't have more strigent testing.
So noble. But this is like politics when politicians promise and then don't deliver.

For stringent/strict drug testing to work, we need to have the following:
1. cheap drug tests, not the $400 a pop
2. really strict... not just random... Marion Jones passed 160 tests in her career before admitting she took PEDs

Do people know why NSAC isn't trying to implement stricter drug tests?
Do people know what will happen to small time promoters and young boxers when stricter rules are enforced?
Who will pay for the tests of fighters from poor countries like Pacquiao when he was just a kid? Or are they exempt? Because the prizes they receive for winning are so much less than the drug tests.
Canadian skiers were complaining because they were routinely tested but were fighting juiced up Russians during game time.

At the END OF THE DAY, NSAC is still trying to protect BOXING by not rushing anything. They aren't so stupid not to study the ramifications of stringent olympic style testing.. to boxing.
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