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Full Version: Erik Morales Returns in March
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NEW YORK -- Former three-division champion Erik Morales will end a 2 year-retirement and return to the ring in March, Mexican promoter Nacho Huizar told on Sunday.

Morales is scheduled to face former lightweight titleholder Jose Alfaro in a welterweight bout March 27 in Monterrey, Mexico, Huizar said.

"I think he'll sell pretty good, but not like he did last time," Huizar said, referring to Morales' onetime position as a significant pay-per-view attraction.

Morales (48-6, 34 KOs) is a former junior featherweight, featherweight and junior lightweight champion and one of the best fighters in Mexican history. He challenged for a lightweight belt in his last fight, but lost a decision to David Diaz in August 2007 before retiring.

There was a steady stream of talk of a possible comeback since then, but nothing ever materialized until now.

Huizar said it was Morales who called him and asked him to promote the fight in conjunction with his own company.

"After I heard he was going to come back, he called me and begged me to be his partner," Huizar said. "It's an honor to me for him to pick me. If I don't do it, somebody else will."

Morales-Alfaro will be televised in the United States via Integrated Sports pay-per-view.

Huizar said they signed a six-fight deal for three fights this year and three in 2011. Huizar acknowledged that six more fights for Morales, 33, is a reach at this stage.

"We'll see what happens," said Huizar, who said he promoted Morales' first five pro fights before Morales went on to become a major star under the guidance of co-promoters Top Rank and Fernando Beltran's Zanfer Promotions.

Even before the loss to Diaz, Morales was a shell of the great fighter who had been in three all-time slugfests with rival Marco Antonio Barrera and several other memorable battles.

Morales lost four fights in a row and five of his last six, including two knockout losses to Manny Pacquiao. The one victory Morales notched during his late-career slide came against Pacquiao in the first fight of their trilogy. Their March 2005 fight was the last time Pacquiao lost.

Immediately after losing a competitive fight to Diaz, Morales announced his retirement.

"That's it," Morales said at the time. "No more fighting. I am done. Too many punches, particularly to the head area."

Jose Morales, Erik's father who raised him in a Tijuana apartment above a boxing gym, supported his son's decision to retire, saying after the fight with Diaz, "Erik has taken too many punches. It has to stop."

Jose Alfaro (23-5, 20 KOs), 26, of Nicaragua, held a lightweight belt for five months in 2008. His last fight was an interim lightweight title bout in October where Antonio DeMarco stopped him in the 10th round.

Okay. I don't think he needs to fight anymore but he didn't ask me. It's going to happen regardless.

But... is that a typo? Morales-Alfaro will meet in a welterweight bout? Erik Morales at 147? That can't be right. If it is right, then Erik definitely doesn't need to be in the ring!

A WELTERWEIGHT!? Who does he think he is? Pacquiao?

Good Lord.
Well Jose Alfaro has spent his entire career at 135 so that probably makes the weight jump a little less drastic.
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
I hope he isn't having to do this for money coz I love Morales and I sincerely hope he hasn't pissed it all away like so many others. You have to wonder about the people around him. Surely someone is telling him this is insane?
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jan 25 2010, 05:16 AM) *
Not that I'm happy about it and I would would prefer to see him retired, I don't think it's quite in the insane level just yet and I'm not ready to call the people around him insane just yet. Because from what snoop said, it doesn't sound like it's against very dangerous opposition. Though if it reaches a point where he starts calling out top fighters and guys like Pacquiao, Marquez or Cotto and his team are trying to push for it, then that's when I would start to find it insane and scary.
He was one of my favourites, I prefer to see him just stay retired, or take up one last fight against a tomato can and call it a day and end his career with a win.

Yeah but that's the point isn't it? If you're not gonna come back to face the top guys then why do it at all (unless you need the money)?

It would be like Don Bradman playing club cricket. I find it so sad to see guys who were at the very pinnacle of the sport just doing it now coz there's nothing else they can think of to do. Morales has been through so many goddamn wars that you never know when the next punch (even from a guy who may not be considered dangerous) is gonna be the one that does it.

It's like hearing the rumours that Johnny Tapia is coming out of retirement (although to be fair I think in that guy's case he's fucked either way.) I only feel sadness. I doubt I'll even bother to try tracking this fight down to watch and considering that it's Eric Morales that I'm talking about it staggers me to say that.
Fighting at 147 will actually make the fight safer for Morales. He won't have to dry out to make weight, which should help his body absorb punishment.

I'll say it again...we need a Senior Tour.
WOW!!!! Well maybe he feels good after being away from the sport ,whatever it is good luck Morales ,a 6 fight contract? WOW! I hope he's not coming back cause he's broke that would be just sad the man is one of the greatest Mexican boxers of all time . I wish the best for him and if he looks good in his return ,there is some good money fights out there ! Hatton ,JMM...hey they ain't the same anymore. Whaever it is Good luck .shit I'll be watching LOL...
Big Slim Sweet
I doubt he's broke. Morales is just one of those guys that loves to fight. And I'm sure if he wins this first fight convincingly he's going to start saying he wants to fight Pacquaio, Mayweather, Mosley, etc. That's just who he is.
One of my idols...TERRIBLE!!!

Shit I know hes past his prime but I'll watch him. I got a feeling a Marquez fight will happen down the line.
This is like Duran's run on Tuesday Night Fights in the 90s.

He's a legend. If he's fighting, I'm watching. Pure and simple.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if we get a Morales-Marquez fight at some point soon, especially if Morales wins and Marquez would beat Amir Khan (which would be absolutely wonderful). Morales-Marquez with a belt on the line. That could be excellent.
The only reason I can see it as being excellent is that neither Marquez nor Morales have ANY business above 135, so that's even ground.

Morales at WELTERWEIGHT just sounds bad. I can't imagine what it's going to look like.

All said, I really wish this wasn't happening.

Of course, if he wins his fight at welterweight, he'll probably be the next one that Floyd wants to fight.
Morales has nothing left to prove but just like most great fighters he just can't stay away.

Like Romulus said if he fights i'll watch but i much rather see him stay retire.
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