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Full Version: Evander Holyfield Vs Joe Frazier
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How does this go?
Frazier Decision
This fight would be a huge war..I never thought of this match up but i really like it..When Holy was in his prime,he was able to deal with short guys and taller guys..If ya watch what happens to guys who actually weight around the same weight that Holy does,it never really goes well for em..Frazier would be the best guy he ever fought around his weight but I still think Holy would beat him..Qawi/Holyfield would be the closest thing to this matchup..Qawi was similar to Frazier but not as hard of a hitter..
Holyfield historically has had the most trouble from larger fighters with long reach advantages. He thrived off countering the shit out of steamrollers like Joe Frazier. I can see Holyfield winning a tight UD if he sticks to his gameplan.

Evander though, God love him, just loved to war, and I could totally see him making it a grueling battle of attrition by standing right in front of Frazier. If he did, could he really do it for 15 rounds? He did it with Qawi. But Qawi, with all do respect, isn't in the same stratosphere as Joe Frazier. IF Evander wanted to make it rough and throw caution to the wind, I think Joe could make a strong run at the end and possibly pull it out.

Just off my gut instinct, I'd pick Holyfield though.
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