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Full Version: Good JMM interview
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He offers his take on May vs. Pac and he talks about how "he says" that Pacquiao avoided a third matchup with him.

Lastly he talks of his upcoming fights either with Khan and or Nate Campbell. I'd love to see both fights.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jan 31 2010, 05:10 PM) *
Fuck that. I prefer him defend his undisputed light weight title against his mandatory in Rocky Katsidis.


JMM - Katsidis is a damn good fight.
I really hope they don't match JMM up with Amir Khan... Khan is ALL WRONG for him.
Marquez should go down to 135...the only reason to stay at 140 is for a Hatton fight.
I want Marquez vs. Bradley most of all. I'll go for a Marquez-Bradley, Marquez-Valero fight ANYDAY over a Hatton fight.
Bradley would pummel Marquez. JMM has no legs left.
QUOTE (JD @ Feb 1 2010, 09:12 AM) *
Bradley would pummel Marquez. JMM has no legs left.

Bradley's too big for JMM - no way Marquez hurts him or is able to take those shots for 12 rounds. JMM's a small lw and has no business at 140 unless he's just looking for one last big paycheck for getting abused by Hatton.

Concerning JMM's legs, I think they're fine given his size/age. He looked ok vs. Diaz. The Floyd fight was such a disgraceful mismatch that it's kind of impossible to read anything into that performance.

I'd like to see JMM-Valero as well.
See...and after the Diaz fight I said that I thought it was clear Marquez was losing his legs.

I thought Baby Bull's inability to move Malignaggi at all highlighted that.
QUOTE (JD @ Feb 1 2010, 01:12 PM) *
Bradley would pummel Marquez. JMM has no legs left.

Agreed. Marquez wouldn't see the 12th in that fight.
I think Campbell is an easier fight for him, neither one of them have any legs so we'll get a tough competitive fight I think. I havent seen too much of Khan so I cant decide.. but I know damn well he dont stand a chance against Bradley.
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