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lloyd mayflower
First off, nothing gives me more pleasure than going out on a massive drinking binge, and this year I currently have a seven day assault on Cancun during spring break, and a seven day summer holiday in Vegas planned. However, the older i get, the worse the hangovers get, and drinking for more than 3 days on the trot results in twitching, anxiety, paranoia, the phenomenon known as "mad doom" or "sabbath fever" and what can only be described as a heart murmur.

I recently read about something called Milk Thistle, which iv heard prevents hangovers of taken before drinking, so i thought id put it out there and see if anyone had heard of it, and also what you guys think is the best cure.

The results of this thread will have a massive impact on my life, and aforementioned holidays, so all comments are appreciated.

First off il start with my favourite. Hair of the dog that bit you. However, we all know this is just a delaying tactic.

My hangover cures are normally a morning BJ...followed by IHOP and coffee. I then take a nap on the couch, and get a smoothie for lunch. After another nap on the couch, and maybe some chicken wings...I'm normally pretty relaxed and ready to do it again.
Big Slim Sweet
If you have vicodin, that works wonders.

There's always the old hair of the dog.

Generally you're fucked the older you get though.
lloyd mayflower
QUOTE (Sweetness @ Feb 9 2010, 09:49 PM) *
If you have vicodin, that works wonders.

There's always the old hair of the dog.

Generally you're fucked the older you get though.

Dont think we have vicodin here, tho i have heard of it.

As for the bolded part, your spot on, i remember a couple of years back guys in their late twentys tellin me how much worse id get very soon and not believing them!
It sounds gay - and quite obvious, but it's something I do when I go out drinking.

I'm not a big drinker. I don't go out and drink often, so when I do I have to prepare myself, lol.

All I do is make sure I drink a pint of water every two or three drinks I have....then when I get home, I normally try and drink another pint or two before I sleep.

Being dehyrdrated, along with the toxins in the your body makes you feel bad....drinking lots of water helps in both cases; it flushes toxins out and rehydrates you.

Always works for me!
lloyd mayflower
I try that sometimes, at least the water before bed but never remember half the time. The milk thistle stuff i was on about apparently helps you if you take it before drinking or before bed. Same idea, prevents the hangover kicking in. Think im goin to have to try it
The foolproof, Hangover Cure for a night of EXCESSIVE drinking is a combination of what's posted above...with a couple other precautionary measures...

1. Eat a good meal full of Protein and Starch before the heavy drinking begins...

2. Drink the GOOD stuff (i.e. well made, more expensive) and don't have more than 2 different Spirits.

3. Drink plenty of water in addition to all your alcoholic least 64 ounces.

4. Take a strong Ibuprofen and a multivitamin sometime in the night before you go to bed.

5. Eat something greasy and/or spicy in the morning....

That's how you do should feel fine that way...but that being said...I NEVER do numbers 3 and 4 so I still feel like stir fried dog shit the next
Cocaine on the way up & black tar heroin when you wake up. Trust me you will be feeling nothing til the hangover is gone.
Oxycontin the next day brehs the extended release ones and drink water like the posters above stated..... My pops always would say have a big dinner if you plan on getting wasted that night.
Water and some sort of headache medicine before you go to bed. You may wake up a little foggy (i.e. eyes burn and are red), but you dont have a headache.

Nothing's guaranteed, but it generally works.

As for dealing w the anxiety and all of that, Xanex works, especially if you have to fly the next day or something.
"how you combat them"

Don't drink.
Serious cure.

Rehydrate powder from a chemist, Panadol, a nice meat pie & cigarette.

Or go down the hospital & get put on a drip.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Feb 11 2010, 12:39 AM) *
Actually when I went to Thailand a few years ago, we bought this orange powder from the chemist that you mix with water. It was called gastrolyte or something like that (not sure if you have that in the states). It was more for gastro, but we used it the next morning after drinking and it literally made you feel like a million bucks the next day.

Thats the shit Fitz. You can get that at any chemist in OZ. Works a treat. Its like Gatorade on steroids.
I have found that if you do have a hangover in the morning... drink some more alcohol.

Some Kaluha with your coffee works just right.
lloyd mayflower
Jus an update, last weekend was the first time id been out on the lash since i got my paws on that milk thistle extract. Possibly the placebo effect, but im pretty sure it worked fairly well. I was out and got paralytic friday saturday and sunday which normally would result in a monday filled with mad doom, twitching and general suicidal feelings. Dont get me wrong I was still a little rough, but not near what I deserved. Confidence is up for my week of corrupting your young students in Cancun for spring break!!!! So milk thistle, defo worth a try.
spank the monkey FTW
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