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Full Version: Mexican Saves the Day!!
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This man was probably feeling pretty bad about himself, riding on the back of his buddy's motorcycle...but then something happened. It was one of those life changing know what I mean? He was at the crossroads. He had to choose to either walk the path of least resistance...OR...the path of GREATNESS!

THIS is how you look cool riding on the back of a friend's bike...

The train was definitely slowin' down...I don't know...I have to say the pusher was more stupid than
QUOTE (Fitz @ Feb 13 2010, 12:02 AM) *
The only reason I know that it wouldn't have been fatal because about 4 years ago, about 7 of us were in a 4 wheel drive, and were in the city, my friend did a u-turn in the middle of the road, and didn't see a tram coming and we got hit in the middle of the u-turn right in the side and none of us were injured and was probably going that speed, as it was slowing down for a stop, though not sure why that train was slowing down because it doesn't look like a stop and I didn't think trains slowed down that quick, I thought they needed more time. By the way, not sure if you have them there, but this is our Melbourne trams.

How the fuck did your friend not see a fucking tram? I strongly sugest he gets his eyes checked. Was he charged with neg driving? He sure should have.
I have no idea. I remember it was at night, we were driving a bit, there were 7 of us in there going to a 21st, so you can imagine how loud it was and it just happened. I didn't see it coming because I wasn't concentrating on the road but yeah just came out of no where. No he wasn't charged either, lol.
My favorite part was the high-fives and Touchdown signal the dude was giving after it's like he just scored the winning TD in the Super Bowl!

That was pretty funny.
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