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Full Version: Valuev wants 60% of the profits in fight with Vitali
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Byrd Man
EDIT: I fucked up. Valuev wants 40%, not 60%. #facepalm

Don King Productions and Sauerland Event have countered K2 Promotions latest offer to former two-time World Boxing Association heavyweight champion Nikolai “Giant Russian” Valuev (50-2, 34 KOs) to face World Boxing Council heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko (39-2, 37 KOs) with a deal calling for a 60-40 percentage split.

“They approached us with a $1 million offer for Valuev to face Vitali, and Sauerland Event and I told them we would like $4 million for the fight,” King said. “Now they’ve come back to us with a $2 million guarantee. We countered with a 60-40 split of revenue..

“K2 is making the money more important than the attraction. They are promoting the money while I promote the attraction. The attraction recoups your investment and leads to profit. People-wise and money-wise, this is the way you have to think—and people-wise is the most important.”

King said he and Sauerland Event, on behalf of Valuev, are convinced that K2 Promotions, on behalf of Vitali Klitschko, are focusing on obtaining Valuev for the lowest amount of money when they should be focusing on auctioning the ability to host the event and television rights to the highest bidders.

“If K2 Promotions auctions off the rights to become the host site for this extravaganza as well as television rights to Germany, Russia and Ukraine, we believe that alone will bring in over $10 million,” King said. We are so confident in this that we are willing to risk guaranteed money in favor of 40 percent of the revenue stream, which we believe will bring team Valuev $4 million or more.”
Vitali is the better name, the better fighter, fought the better opponents and the better attraction. His fan base is massive in Germany.

Byrd Man
That may be true, but I can understand Valuev's point. Who else (Aside from Haye) can Vitali fight out there that will bring the attention that the fight with Valuev will?

I dunno, man. I think 60-40 is fair, but that's just me.
After watching Valuev fight many times, he should be happy to make any money.
QUOTE (Lil-lightsout @ Feb 13 2010, 06:18 AM) *
After watching Valuev fight many times, he should be happy to make any money.

Tell me about it.

Vitali is not the most exciting fighter - by far - but shit, at least he mixes in SOME uppercuts and hooks and has SOME KO's on his resume.
I think this is going to be very ugly. Vitali will be able to land at will and I'm expecting him to either knock Valuev out or at the very least Valuev will be pulled out by his corner.

After this fight Valuev will be finished and that is why he is asking for this money.
QUOTE (Lil-lightsout @ Feb 13 2010, 02:18 AM) *
After watching Valuev fight many times, he should be happy to make any money.


4 million dollars for Valuev .that's to much damn money for any heavyweights to make ,the heavyweight division is garbage.
Now we know why the economy is all fuked up.we got big hairy ass big foot looking fukers making 4 million just 2 fight..LOL
valuev and his people must be smoking crack... they need to take the 2 million with maybe a percentage of the gate.. they want 4 cuzz they know they cant win... vitali knocks that big lugg out and they know it and they want to be compensated for what they know is going to happen..
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
The world can seem like an unfair place. Valuev is a multi milionaire from the sport of boxing, a sport he is clearly not very good at.

On the other hand, that face of his.........................
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