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Full Version: Word War III! Dreamfight (Jackson vs. Mugabi!) PRIME
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Jack 1000
What a great war!!!! Jackson-Mugabi!

I see exactly this kind of fight!! But I think that the Pre-Hagler Mugabi had a better chin than Jackson. I know that Hard Rock Green had him in trouble BIG time. But Jackson had a china chin. The pre-Hagler Mugabi had a good chin that was tested (Hard Rock Green) and Beast came back to win.

On this fight, EITHER could go at any moment. This could be Corrales-Castillo round 10 or Lee-Locicero Round 5 take your pick. But I don't think it even goes more than 3 rounds! If Jackson could bomb and hurt Mugabi, maybe even flooring him, I could see Mugabi roaring back to win maybe in the same round or at most two rounds later!

If Mugabi hurt Jackson with something very bad, I don't think he recovers. This is one of those fights where they could fight 5 times and you could get:

Mugabi KO 1

Jackson KO 2

Mugabi TKO 3

Jackson TKO 1

Mugabi KO 5

Jackson for the most part has to win within two rounds against the pre-Hagler Mugabi or he doesn't win. Mugabi would have to do what the pre-Hagler version never did, whether those first two rounds, where Jackson would be a fighting terror and than The Beast starts with his bombs. One thing is for sure. Nobody sees the end of round 5 and that is being generous as to how long this fight goes.

jack i'd go with jackson cuzz the fight would be a slugfest from the get go... and even though jacksons chin could be brought into question jackson could be said to be one of the best purest knockout punchers that the middleweights have ever seen... he had legit one punch one hitter quitters... and off the top of my head i dont really remember john mugabi winning any major fights... he was tough and had a punch but when it came to the big show he came up short, he never was able to close the show and i dont count his title winning fight with rene jaquot either... i would have to go with julian on this one...
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