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Full Version: If Floyd Were To Get Beaten Up? (Not Just in The Ring I Mean)
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Jack 1000
Thought it might be cool to bring some life to this section! Lets say that some big 200 pound street thug were to challenge Floyd Mayweather to a no-holds barred alley fight and Floyd accepted this fight! Let's say it cost $39.95 and something were to happen to him where he could be seriously injured in the non-sanctioned Alley Beating. And Floyd would take serious injuey in this fight with any form of fighting tools.

I wonder how many people would order this as a PPV just to see Floyd get hurt? Mayweather is certainly hated enough where I think it would draw bigger numbers than his sanctioned fights! LOL!

The goal of this fight is just to shut Floyd's mouth. Hypothetically, how would this PPC do? Do you buy it?

lloyd mayflower
I buy it, I then buy any subsequent repeats, and DVD's, I buy the DVD of the 24/7, and I buy all merchandise, official and unofficial
Byrd Man
I've never been one to champion the idea of someone being hurt seriously. I think anyone who says that is either joking, or too stupid to be taken seriously, considering the number of boxers who HAVE been hurt seriously in the ring.

I wouldn't mind seeing Floyd get his ass kicked, just to see if it would humble him any, as it pertains to how he runs his mouth in public. But I don't care to see anyone get hurt badly to the point that some on here would.
I would buy it only if weapons(bats,bricks,chairs,a custom pipe with duck tape around the bottem to make as a good handle) were aloud for the street thug and Mayweather only got to use his hands..The only other rule would be the fight would be stopped as soon as someone goes unconscious..

If these were the rules,I would pay 50 bucks for this PPV..I bet a lot of people would be betting on Mayweather too..I've got couple die hard Mayweather fans at my gym so I know they'd be all for Mayweather..
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