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Full Version: Anyone Else Sick of Teddy and Joe on FNF's?
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Jack 1000
They are REALLY grating and getting on my nerves!

Where do I begin?

They talk too much, sometimes making exciting fights less so because they just won't shut up and let the action speak for itself. Atlas still has his arrogent agenda. But seriously, he is SO OVERRATED as a trainer. His refusal to score rounds with multiple knockdowns in them as less than 10-8 is just fucking retarded. I would think after several years the commentary quality could improve. And Joe "Testicle" is nothing more than Teddy's "Yes Man."

I understand that due to Atlas' attitude disagreeing with him could be getting punched in the mouth. Remember when he got suspended by ESPN for punching a cameraman. I do respect Teddy's charity work and his dedication to boxing at least from the fact that he is genuine and not trying to be a Cosell Wanna Be, (i.e "Merchant.) But Teddy is just too conceited to be a commentator. Personally, I'd rather see him as a writer.

i do agree that sometimes they talk too much. it does sometimes take away from the action. the main thing that bugs me about teddy is that he gives advice to the corners when they're talking to the trainer DURING the fight. that seems a bit unethical. but i do like them and i do like their passion for the sport. i'm not too interested in seeing them replaced. i remember when scott ledeaux would sit in as commentator and, though he seems like a really decent guy, has one of the most boring announcing voices (after bobby jizz). so i'll take teddy over that for sure.
Teddy is the man..In my opinion he is the best commentator..He has boxed himself and he knows more about the art of boxing than most trainers today and definitely more than all the other commentators..
i used to didnt like teddy but here in the last few years in my own opinion he has humbled himself... hes cool with me...
While I do hate the fact that Teddy's cards are sometimes stacked with 10-10 rounds, I will say that he is probably one of the few people in boxing that actually care about the sport for the sake of the sport and the fighters. I'm willing to put up with some minor irritation to have that.
I never really understood the hate for Teddy. I think he does a good job outside of the fact that he can't predict Super-fights. Like many others have stated, I respect the fact that he gives a shit about the sport.
I'm just a Teddy Atlas fan. I think he and Joe make a good team, energetic, pretty knowledgeable, but a little TOO talkative at times. I can tolerate that. Teddy loves boxing. He loves the sport, the fighters, the trainers, the cutmen. He hates the corruption, the incompetent judges, the idiots in some of the commissions, and most of the well-known promoters. He's one of those guys that is an active participant but is also a diehard fan. With some of these clowns, you get the sense that the only time they watch boxing is when they're on the air calling a match. Teddy loves the sport, just like we do. He'd actually fit in here in our community.

For what it's worth, I think the most useless commentary team around is HBO's Boxing After Dark crew. Kellerman is the only one who seems genuinely interested in being there. Lennox Lewis is awful. Easily the worst analyst working today, a babbling idiot who either says the painfully obvious or says something completely stupid that makes your head hurt for the next two rounds. KO Nation was a failed experiment, but Kevin Kelley was FAR better as a commentator than Lewis is. Even Bob Papa isn't much to really be excited about. Very basic, simplistic, matter of fact.

I still love the HBO World Championship Boxing crew. For a big fight, Lampley is the voice. That's just how it is. I like Emanuel Steward (and not just because he was born about an hour from where I live here in West Virginia). Larry is Larry. He's a boxing institution. He should be calling fights for HBO as long as he damn well pleases.

We've really had a lot of solid broadcast teams through the years of televised boxing in the modern era, from the Tompkins/Merchant/Leonard days and on down. HBO, Showtime, Fox, they've all had good ones and bad ones but some of the bad ones have been very, very bad. For the sake of comparison, watch a fight called by Tessitore and Atlas, then listen to Bob friggin' Sheridan call a fight and see which one is more intolerable. I bet it's Sheridan. Dave Bontempo is right there too. In fact, let Sheridan, Bontempo, and Lennox Lewis call a fight as a three-man broadcast team, and I'm pretty sure the world would end.

The FNF crew isn't perfect but it could be much, MUCH worse.
In the past I didn't like teddy at all. He's changed his approach over the years. I can tolerate him now. He probably was given the talking to.

Has all the knowledge, but couldn't bring it to the show to make it worth watching. Now he can somewhat.

That other fool Joe is just breathing on air basically. He doesn't know sh*t about boxing, nor does he bring any energy to the show.

They should bring in a third wheel like Kevin Kelley along with Teddy. Or James Toney or somebody, so I can get a good laugh.
Joe is not that bad but Teddy is f*cking annoying and biased.
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
I don't mind Teddy so much. His obsession with Mike Tyson gives me the shits some time but that's about it.

I also find it hilarious when he's commentating on a fight and starting to hug the nuts of a particular fighter and then the other guy lands a monster punch and KO's the dude Teddy was picking. Then Teddy just changes up his analysis like he was picking the correct result the whole time!! LOL I love it when he does that.

I actually liked it when Max was on board. He and Teddy had quite a funny back and forth thing going. I liked that version of FNF.
QUOTE (the ollie reed fan club @ Mar 8 2010, 03:06 AM) *
I actually liked it when Max was on board. He and Teddy had quite a funny back and forth thing going. I liked that version of FNF.

Me too. Teddy would get so irritated at Max and you could just sometimes see them arguing and seemed to get out of control. To be honest, I have not watched FNF's in some time. Unless of course it is a great match up. Definately not as hardcore as I once was, now I mainly stick to the more important fights.
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