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This year the bubble isn't that strong, but I think there will be a lot of upsets in this tourney. Some are wondering whether Kentucky can keep it up down the strech. Also, Syracuse's big man got hurt, though I think he'll be ok. When the board comes out tomorrow, I'm curious as to who everybody has.

On a side note, WAR MINNESOTA GOPHERS!!!. My school is up 25 on Purdue, and hopefully will make it into the field. They've had some rough patches with their recruits and Al Nolen getting suspended for being dumb, but they comin. Go Gophers!!
The Gators made things difficult for themselves in the SEC Tourney...hopefully they can still make it in.
Well, those Gators got in. I don't have too much beef with that, they're a good team. What I really have a problem with is teams like UTEP and Utah St. getting in over Illinois and Miss. St. UTEP and Utah St. play nobody's and really beat no significant teams. They beat up on weak conferences to inflate their record and RPI. That shit ain't right to me. Illinois and Miss. St. beat good teams and compete with some of the best teams in the nation. Illinois beat Clemson, Vandy, and Mich. St. They just didn't have the pretty record or RPI, but are more of a tourney team than those other two.

Who does everybody have in their final? I took Ohio St. vs. West Virginia in the final. Evan Turner is the best player in college basketball, and since he's been back full strenght OSU has been a beast of a team. WVU has also played great in the best conference in basketball. They're a tough matchup for anybody.

It's weird to me how they do it.

Florida is a "bubble" team, yet they get in as a #10 seed. Mississippi State beat them in the SEC Tournament, but they don't even get in. It's all a big popularity contest...which is sad when they have 65 freakin spots!

Yea, the committee makes some interesting decisions. They just look at the whole body of work though, not just the last month or so I think. A win/loss in November/December is just as likely to help or bite you in the ass as a loss on March 1. There is nothing in sports, besides a huge fight, that's as exciting as March madness. I really can't wait until Thursday, and hope my team makes a run. They have the talent and have been through a lot of adversity already. They won't be intimidated Friday morning at 11, they'll be ready.

Who does everybody have? Any upsets....I got Wisc. over Kentucky in the sweet 16. I think Kentucky is faltering down the strech, as seen by some of their recent performances. Wisc. is a veteran ball club, who can shoot the ball well and has an inside team. I feel they can give Kentucky everything they can handle. A couple other notable upsets I have is Cornell over Temple, and Siena over Purdue.
Kentucky is pretty fucking good. It's REALLY hard to picture them losing to Wisconsin. Even though it is an easy pick, I still have UK and KU in the Finals.
Tough luck for them Gators today man, they played well. They made a nice comeback, but just couldn't stop BYU. My bracket is looking alright so far, but it's early.
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