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Full Version: Humberto Soto vs Anthony Peterson
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This is going to be on the undercard of Cotto-Foremann apparently. Seems like a short break for Soto, but I would like to hear somethings of Anthony Peterson. I have seen very little of him, though I saw his brother against Bradley. I didn't think Lamont was so bad, it's just that Bradley was too good. How does Anthony compare to Lamont?
Soto has moved up and I think this will be his 3rd fight at this weight and will defend him WBC title against Peterson. Do people think Soto has a chance? Or will Peterson be bigger and better than everyone Soto has previously faced? I really like Soto and I think he has been pretty impressive recently.
From what I've seen Anthony is a bigger puncher and more aggresive than his brother. He's 30-0, but really has fought nobody compared to Soto. He has some "names" on his record, but most of them were way past their primes when Peterson fought them. For example, Javier Jauregui was way past his best in 2008. Also, he fought Oscar Leon four years later and 10 pounds heavier from when he fought Smoke Gainer for the title. It's a hyped up 30-0 record in my opinion, and he'll be in over his head against Soto. Soto has impressed since fighting Guzman. It seems like fighters that move a lot and box give him problems. Peterson won't do that, he'll come forward and play right into Soto's hands. Of course, Soto has had a lot of fights, and this could be the one to get old in. I just don't see it though after knocking David Diaz down twice in his last match. I like Soto big in this match.
I like Peterson in this one, should be a good test for him. But I did not see Soto's last fight, so maybe I am underestimating him a little. I too thought Lamont showed good stuff against Bradley, but Bradley had his A+ game that night. Like Fitz, I have not seen Anthony fight in a while, but I was always impressed with both brothers when I did see them fight. I think both of them could eventually be World Champs.
I don't think Peterson will win. Didn't Lamont lose almost every round against Bradley. These guys have been featured on ESPN for awhile, but they haven't really taken big steps especially Anthony. He's agressive and has a punch, but nothing Soto hasn't seen.
EASY win for Peterson!
I'll take Peterson in this one! Stylez, any moves made by the Raven's so far? I hope Reed changed his mind! lol! Hey man I wanted to show you a pic I took in Atlanta I thought you might like even though it's hard to see!
I wouldn't say Peterson is better than ANYONE Sotto has faced since Soto fought Guzman but Peterson is very talented and IMO he's better than his brother Lamont...

He's pretty big at Lightweight and has very solid skills.

I'll go with Peterson by UD.
Outside of experience, Peterson holds just about EVERY single advantage in this fight. Don't be shocked if Peterson walks him down late and stops him!
QUOTE (StyleZ @ Mar 17 2010, 07:48 AM) *
Outside of experience, Peterson holds just about EVERY single advantage in this fight. Don't be shocked if Peterson walks him down late and stops him!

I concur.....
I've never been sold on Soto.
QUOTE (salvador @ Mar 17 2010, 11:38 PM) *
I've never been sold on Soto.

What don't you like about him salvador? I didn't see a whole lot of his earlier stuff, but been keeping an eye on him recently and he is really impressive. I have seen some of the fighters that you like, and I am actually a little surprised about you with Soto. You have been impressed by worse guys than Soto like Valero or Margarito, so it kind of surprises me about this.
Mean Mister Mustard
A couple of things I've noticed about Soto.

-He is an underrated puncher. He can knock out mediocre competition but even against top guys he puts them down at least once or twice during a fight.

- He doesn't do well against southpaws.

- It is entirely possible that he is not progressing. I remember after he upset Juarez and handed him his firts loss back in 05 I thought he was going places. Unfortunatley he ended up fighting subpar and even lousy competition before being outboxed by a prime Guzman. I liked what I saw in that fight though, Soto was in it all the way and actually appeared to be the fresher guy in the last round but he was just in against a slick dynamo that is very hard to adjust to. Then what happened? Soto went right back to fighting stiffs. This guy should be fighting top competition not some journeymen in Arum's independent PPV cards.

Anthony Peterson has not fought any big names but I think he's smarter and more versatile than Soto.
I think Soto has a very good uppercut as well. Extremely quick and he can throw it from far and close. Very good punch of his.
QUOTE (StyleZ @ Mar 17 2010, 06:40 AM) *
EASY win for Peterson!


No way Soto will whoop that ass just waite and see.
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