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Full Version: Chavez v. Taylor retrospective?
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Byrd Man
Was there ever a "Legendary Nights" episode for the Chavez/Taylor I fight? That fight still stands out as the worst stoppage in boxing history, although it seems to have people divided.

I'd like to get a copy of this fight (best possible quality) with all the pre/post fight analysis and a retrospective if anyone has this.

I used to have an .avi of the fight but I think I lost it in a hard drive crash.
Byrd Man
There was a Legendary Nights for the fight.
One of the best episodes of the series.
Byrd Man

Byrd Man

and Loooooooooool @ the love child of Borat and Gabe Kaplan behind Chavez in that 1st pic. ha ha ha
Man...that is still the greatest fight I ever seen. I easily watched that entire fight 100's of times over the years. My parents when I was younger would always harass me for always watching it on my VHS tape. My Dad would always tell me to shut it off so he could watch TV. I have my opinion of the poor stoppage, and everybody has theres, but regardless it was a spectacular performance by Taylor. And Chavez did mount an incredible comeback in the last round, thanks to Lou's stupid advice to stay on his chest and NOT get on your bike and box!!!
Big Slim Sweet
Chavez-Taylor I thought was BY FAR the best episode of the Legendary Nights series. Listening to Taylor speak today is heart wrenching.

The fight was just as incredible. It was like a Shakespearean tragedy playing out in the ring.

...or something like that.
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