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Full Version: How many trainers has Rahman gone through?
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I just read Percy's interview with Eddie Mustafa Muhammad and he mentioned that he's training Rahman. Let me see hm.. Aaron Davis, Buddy McGirt (I think he was in his corner for Klichko), Roger Mayweather, Marshall Kaufman I'm missing easily two or three and now Eddie Mustafa Muhammad.

Let me say this. I don't like to kick someone when their down not named Antonio Margarito but Rahman is a lost cause. He "talks" an INCREDIBLE game that will have you as a believer (heck I was sold that he was gonna destroy Maskaev in their 2nd fight) but he is the classic UNDERACHIEVER, "He is what he is".

I heard he was talking about MMA but what is his goal?? Is his real intention to get another title shot to win or to put himself in that position to cash out one last time? I definitely say it's the latter.

Let me go on record saying that as much as I liked Eddie as a figher and trainer, Rahman is a waste of his time.
Lol @ not named Margarito. Yeah I agree with that...fuck Margarito!
I don't know that anything would make me laugh harder than Margarito losing his return fight in May.
not enough trainers obviously
Yeah....I saw that too.

Rahman should not even have a trainer, he totally dismisses anything they try to get him to stick with. He's hell to get motivated....he gets impatient and drops them.

NONE of that is going to change at this age.

Rock had his chance with Wlad a couple years ago and blew it. Unless he blasts one or two top ten guys out....he does not deserve another shot....
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