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Full Version: WBC admits there's too many interim belts.....
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Byrd Man
WBC President Jose Sulaiman has expressed concern on the free way that boxing organizations are using the approval of interim championships, when they should be used strictly when a champion leaves a title inactive for medical or legal problems. He plans to present a recommendation to the WBC Governors at the coming 48th annual convention to be held in Cancun, Mexico, from November 7 to the 13, in regards to instituting a WBC silver world championship, in substitution of an interim championship “that does not represent a real title, when it is approved only for a fight without real significance.”

So their solution to eliminating interim belts is to create more belts? Man, as if the belt situation wasn't ridiculous enough...
WWE titles>>all the titles in boxing at this point

My face lights up with a smile every time i hear about a boxer refusing to pay a sanctioning fee to those cocksuckers.
Jack 1000
I don't get this. There's nothing lost or gained. It just sounds like they are replacing the Interim Championship with a silver belt. And there will be no such thing as a WBC Interim champion anymore. But why create a new non-title belt? Unless it's just a place holder for the #1 contender until he can fight for the title.

Same shit under a different name, basically.
Interim Belts are fought for when the Champion can't make his mandatory...what would constitute a Silver bout?
Byrd Man
The WBC just seems to constantly try to one-up themselves in the realm of ridiculousness
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