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Full Version: Training Methods
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Excercize 1:

You need:

Heavy bag


Metronome (use an alarm clock if you dont have one)

What to do:

1. Set the metronome as slow as you can. When the metronome goes off, slip a jab.

2. Set the metronome so it is faster. Then repeat step one. And keep repeating.

Excercize 2:

You need;




heavy bag


Part 1:

1. Draw a big target on your paper.

2. stick it to the heavy bag.

3. punch it.

4. Decrease the size of the target. Repeat 2, 3, 4.

Part 2:

1. Throw the ball in the air.

2. Punch it in mid air.

3. Repeat.

Check back for more.
Looks like a good way to work on your speed and timing. I like the fact that you make the target smaller and smaller. This will slowly work on your aim. You also say to use a metronome. This is great because you can know the number of punches and at what speed you are throwing them.
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